Sex Talk on Saturday is Ethical at the greenYgrey

My love and envy knows no Deppth, but the former has Heard of Amber. Yes, I fell in love with Amber Heard like the protagonist Kemp did during The Rum Diary, only to find out that the 28-year-old actress was now in the arms of her co-star, 51-year-old Johnny Depp. It had been looking good too, as I read that she had become an independent atheist, influenced by the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Love at First Sight

Vanessa Paradis

Cover of Vanessa Paradis

I had fallen in love with Ashley James as she talked about depression on Sunday Morning Live the previous Sunday, although host Sian Williams is still looking great and rather lovable more in the right age range.

I don’t know their relationship statuses, as I’m still recovering from hearing about Amber Heard.

The Depth of Depp

No, I’m only joking, there are beautiful women all over the world, and I didn’t think I’d be in line for a relationship with Amber Heard, who I’d never heard (sorry!) of before.

Français : Vanessa Paradis à Solidays en Juin ...

Français : Vanessa Paradis à Solidays en Juin 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact, I was shocked that she was with old Johnny Depp, but he’s a cool guy with similar interests to me, such as Native Americans; however, my first doubt about Johnny is his apparent false claim to Native American ancestry, according to Wikipedia (ironically, his role meeting a Native American in The Dead Man is one of my favourites).

I wish Johnny and Amber all the best, as they are a cool couple despite the age difference.

Catalogue of Kate Moss

Depp also seems to have the same taste in women, with his previous longest relationships with Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis.

Yes, although I’d like to visit the Playboy Mansion, I prefer the slim and sophisticated to the busty and playful (although I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and the Playmates come from all walks of life and education).

Kate Moss

Cover of Kate Moss

Although I was a fan of Kate Moss at the time, I was disappointed she and Depp separated, as I thought they were a cool couple, and I’m glad she seems to have found happiness with Jamie Hince.

I ironically apologise for having a certain sexual taste, thinking that in the modern political – media Big Brother politically correct society sexual taste will soon be outlawed!

Misrepresenting the greenYgrey

Males and their female followers have tried to depict the greenYgrey’s feminism as a way to get female friendliness. In fact, the greenYgrey has had an ethical sex and relationship policy since its conception in the human world… leading to rumours of weirdness and even homophobia.

We think we have been punished for trying to do the right thing. Although the real victims of our persecution has been the women and girls left defenceless to grooming and its result.

Male Role Models

George Clooney @ Men Who Stare At Goats screening

George Clooney @ Men Who Stare At Goats screening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We criticise men like Simon Cowell, Russell Brand and George Galloway because we don’t think they are ethical and honest.

We wish men like Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Theo Walcott the best because they seem to be ethical and honest as far as we know.

The Princessmaker?

Although we’d like Cressida Bonas to become a greenYgrey princess, we’ll be very happy for her and Harry if they marry, and she becomes a real princess in the human world.

Maybe a little greenYgrey competition has woken Harry up, as a relationship that seemed to be over is now renewed. Maybe as there were once kingmakers in British society, the greenYgrey will become a princessmaker!?

Political – Media Coverage of Prejudice

UN goodwill ambassador George Clooney with UN ...

UN goodwill ambassador George Clooney with UN officials Fatma Samoura and Marie-Sophie Reck in Chad’s eastern town of Abéché (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems in modern multicultural capitalist society that as long as you have money and power you can behave as immorally as you want, with a mixture of big money in the hands of a smaller elite and new cultures from developing regions creating new levels of sexploitation, while the ruling elite only care about ironing out racism and promoting multiculturalism.

A founding principle at the greenYgrey was that although racism is an important prejudice, it is only one of many, and was getting about 90% of the political and media elite attention.

This gave the impression that only white people were prejudiced, and in a racist way, helping make it easy for the child grooming gangs already prolific at that time, and whose racist and sexist crimes have now finally been covered… although little seems to have changed!?

This Site’s Founding Colour Principle

Working Class Hero

Working Class Hero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the greenYgrey colour scheme has many meanings, as stated on the greenygrey website pages, politically it was a protest about too much emphasis on one kind of prejudice.

Although white on black racism should be criticised and covered by the media-political elite, I thought it was only about 10-20% of the prejudice problem, and not the 80-90% the media-political elite seemed to think.

Britain seems to have become more sexist, classist and homophobic since New Labour’s multicultural fascism took over society in the 1990s.

greenYgrey Feminism

The Rum Diary (film)

The Rum Diary (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the Amber Heard character in The Rum Diary, and a new film about one of our real lexical predecessors Effie Gray show, it’s not always men at fault, and that’s why we’re the greenYgrey.

Some feminists seem to think any female behaviour is fantastic, and prefer Myra Hindley to the average man!

Disclaimer: Before the OUTRAGED shout from their high horses, we’re not trying to control anybody, and are just giving our opinion in a free society: one we think is good for humanity and society. We think sex is good and natural, but unethical behaviour to get sex is unfortunately also natural… and usually ends up bad for the victim.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the extra blogging this week. Got to go back to the day-job tomorrow, while ‘ex-terrorists’ get loads of government money for basically doing the same thing trying to prevent extremism and prejudice!


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