Think Driving Advert Inspires Wildlife Park Like Estonia Idea

It’s Friday afternoon (G.M.T.), and most traditional 9-5 five days a week workers will be looking forward to escaping work and relieving the stress of the working week.

Escaping to the Zone

Canis lupus baileyi running

Canis lupus baileyi running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is often more enjoyable when you don’t have to think. Many of us spend our lives looking forward to the times when we don’t have to think too much; when we can just enjoy ourselves, and act on instinct.

Whether it’s sport, shopping or sloshed, it’s nice to get into that zone of contentment, the primal part of the brain that doesn’t care about the day to day detritus of the modern conscious world.

It’s a place I aim for while writing, a place I am now, a place where I can feel important and intelligent, with ideas flowing out of my brain and becoming real in these letters I type.

Think Drive Safely Advert Campaign

The house in Orlando, Florida where Kerouac li...

The house in Orlando, Florida where Kerouac lived and wrote The Dharma Bums and aspiring writers stay now. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travel writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by travel writing legend Jack Kerouac.

The introduction was fuelled by coffee. Not all my writing is, but some of my best stuff is. It also fuelled my main writing inspiration’s best work. I don’t drink coffee because Jack Kerouac did, and I’m not taking Benzedrine like he apparently did. It’s a coincidence, but it feels cool to be caffeinated and writing in a stream of consciousness way, like Kerouac did fifty to sixty years ago.

That is why I like Kerouac. Not because of his sexuality, or because he liked to drive cars fast. Which brings me to the main point of my blog; I got there in the end, in a roundabout way.

Think Drive Safety Campaign

Jack Kerouac's trips around America

Jack Kerouac’s trips around America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know the beauty of travelling by car, and how it’s nice to just relax and enjoy the views. I also know the thrill of travelling fast.

I’m not going to add to the warning of the following advert, as I know people don’t want to be told how to drive, eat, smoke, shop and drink…

Cars Kill, Wolves Don’t, Is Britain Bearable? 

I’m just here to point out the greenYgrey’s starring role in the advert below, and if you will bear with me for just one minute, make a little wildlife reintroduction point that on average three people a day die in traffic accidents on country roads.

I wouldn’t want anybody killed by wild animals reintroduced to the U.K., and don’t think anybody would be if it was done properly, like they seem to do it in little Estonia.

But I guess that if anybody was killed by wolves or bears it would be a big media story, like the unfortunate urban fox-biting cases of a few years ago, whereas hundreds of people die in traffic accidents every year, and it largely goes unnoticed.

A lot of traffic is necessary, but a lot of it is recreational. I can feel the wrath of drivers building now, and don’t want to spoil your weekend drive, so I think it’s time to skedaddle back On The Road.

National Wildlife Park Economic Benefit Idea

I would just like to add before I go, that with the politicians and media always going on about the economy, and how they want to cut the deficit, and get more money into the U.K. than goes out, surely a buoyant and beautiful real wildlife national park like they have in Estonia would be one positive all round way of attracting more tourists, and hence more revenue for the British economy.

Quentin Tarantino

Cover of Quentin Tarantino

Sorry if you think we’re just using the advert to make the above point. We really do care about you as well as the animals, and especially if you like us. So to those still with us, who we guess like us, or you must be masochists!, here’s the advert… drive carefully, even if you are driving fast in the zone… remember, Kerouac’s zone was the big open highways of America, most of the world’s roads are much smaller…

P.S. Our film critic, Quentin Tarwolftino, who was inspired by Quentin Tarantino, said the ghostly green and grey imagery reminded it of the first two greenygrey rambles around North America and Australia, while the yellow slogan brings it up to greenYgrey date, and so reminds it of the current Euro trek.