Danny Macaskill Isle of Skye and Playboy Mansion

Although Red Bull is our Team GGs biggest inspiration and fiercest rival, and we’re thrashing them in this season’s Formula 1 Grand Prix season thanks to our satirical comedy collaboration with Mercedes, we have to applaud their sponsorship of Danny MacCaskill after watching his death-defying ride along the Isle of Skye Cuillin Ridge range and through the Playboy Mansion… mixing amazing cycling with gorgeous greenYgreying.

The Ups and Downs of Cycling and greenYgreying

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

It looked like Danny MacCaskill had chosen a dreich day for his cycle ride up the Cuillin on his home island of Skye in Scotland, (still) U.K. However, he then rode above the highland mist and found some great greenYgrey weather up along the narrow path to the peak:

Danny MacAskill at the Playboy Mansion

I was impressed with Danny MacAskill on the Skye peaks, but I was in total awe when I saw he’d also made it into the Playboy Mansion:

Think I’ll get a bike for Christmas!


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