X Files Comedy Parody Travels Back to Talinn, Estonia Wondrous Wildlife

There’s some amazing good news in the latest XaW File from greenYgrey in Estonia, mixed with some sad news from the factual world about over half the wildlife being lost in just forty years. We hope our fantasy world can lighten the load of the real.

X Files Comedy Parody Fantasy Travel

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fantasy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard fiction writing legend J.K. Rowling.

Jack Wolfpac asked me to write that Estonia is the most northerly country to the south of the Baltic Sea, and that’s what he meant in his introduction to the last XaW File.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Xaw Files Chapter 3 Episode 6

Estonia Nature

I was surrounded by wolves, bears, lynx, beavers and flying squirrels, with birds flying all around. I thought I must be dreaming, as I’d recently read a WWF report stating that half the world’s wildlife had been lost in the last forty years.

Working on averages, that’s probably about 10% since the greenYgrey entered the human world, so although we’ve been trying our best to save the world’s wildlife, it is unfortunately always likely to be a losing battle in the current global climate.

I was still dreaming, but the dream was true, because Estonia’s national parks in the middle of Europe are incredibly, impressively and thankfully home to over 150 wolves, 500-600 bears, 700-800 lynx and about 20, 000 Beavers… plus flying squirrels and thousands of birds!

Estonia had chosen ‘Wolf not War’, so I thought Andy Wolfhol would have felt at home in Estonia, and my epic travel quest was given a bear-faced boost. Estonia had chosen their own direction, but Wolfhol’s favourite phrase would have been welcomed if our A.W.O.L head honcho of greenYgrey creation had indeed passed this way.

Hiiumaa and Haapsalu

English: Old farmhouse on Hiiumaa island in Es...

English: Old farmhouse on Hiiumaa island in Estonia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More to the immediate point, how had I passed this way?

I saw now that I had arrived on Hiiumaa island from Haapsalu on the mainland. It was a smooth journey despite there being no Gs or Ys in their names. Once I’d acclimatised to the H and As of Hiiumaa it was easy to find my feet and paws on Haapsalu.

Haapsalu is very pleasing on the eyes anyway, with the name meaning Aspen Grove in Estonian. It’s salt mud spas are very easy on the paws and feet too, although it was harder to find them once they were buried in mud than it was to metaphorically find my feet in the seaside resort town.

I had to resort to picking them out of the mud with my teeth and fangs, but then ended up somersaulting head first into the mud with my feet and paws sticking stickily up into the air. It all worked out for the best in the end, as I had a complete mud makeover, which was just the tonic after all my epic fantasy travelling.

Brown Bear in Spring

Brown Bear in Spring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I know why my memory of me felt so fresh and frisky on Hiiumaa!

Hot-tailing it to Talinn

And now I was starting to remember before the nature parks. I had arrived in Estonia in Talinn with Love… and Stella. Yes, I remember now, our fashionista suprema Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno was there with us. But how had she joined us… and where was she now?

It was coming back to me slowly. We hadn’t arrived from Russia, we’d arrived from the north. We’d travelled to Finland after Russia, and I was just beginning to remember it. But where was Stella now? Why wasn’t she with us when we awoke in Tartu?

Oh yes, I remember now, we were passing through Talinn’s Old Town when we lost Stella in one of its many fashionable shops.

When we finally found her, and said we were off to one of Talinn’s many green parks she said she’d try and catch us up; otherwise she’d seen there was a big fashion show in Latvia’s capital Riga, and she’d meet us there if we didn’t meet up again in Estonia. She didn’t really fancy going wildlife viewing anyway!

It was all much clearer now, and I thought we should high-tail it down to Riga as soon as possible… but my dream had other ideas, taking me north across the Baltic Sea, to new old adventures logged in my mind’s memory history.


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