London Fashion Week Comedy Cool Brands Highlights

It was London Fashion Week eve, and Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno was nowhere to be seen. So I had to quickly prepare for my first solo assignment without Stella’s stella management. I thought it was ironic that Stella’s disappeared just as one of her human inspirations, Stella McCartney, has entered the Top 20 Cool Brands.

Top 20 U.K. Cool Brands greenygreyheader2a

The greenYgrey was unfortunately again the bridesmaid rather than bride, not making the top 20 itself, while helping Google make number 6, YouTube one below, and Stella McC in at 20.

The list was topped by Apple, Aston-Martin and Nike.

Congratulations to all, and like last year, we can only hope we fell just short, and can make it into the Top 20 next year…

We think we’re cooler, funnier and more ethical than the top 3 cool brands, but maybe not as fast, fun and functional.

London Fashion Week

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, inspired by Paco Rabanne satirical comedy apprentice fashionista at the greenYgrey most of the time, but for the moment at least, satirical comedy fashionista supremo.

I was hoping Stella would surface after London Fashion Week, or be mentioned in one of greenYgrey’s XaW Files like Love the mixed-up vole, but she hasn’t yet.

Barbican Protests

My assignment was made even more difficult by protests against an art exhibition at the Barbican which was supposed to be critical of white history but that was depicted as racist by the protestors, meaning I was cautious about what images to use in my London Fashion Week report.

It’s meant that my report isn’t as good as it could have been, and I’d have liked it to be, but I hope you’ll accept the best of greenYgrey fashion from London Fashion Week I feel comfortable about reporting.

London Fashion Week

Day 1: Felder Felder

Day 5: Fashion East

Rita Ora Wears an Adorer

Beyond London Fashion Week, I was delighted to see Rita Ora wearing an adorable greenYgrey finished product.


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