New Fantasy Travel Moscow Poetry Comedy

It looks like things are going up for the greenYgrey in the latest episode of XaW Files, inspiring a trip down memory lane in the fast flight path. At the end of a chess game all the pieces have to leave the board, and return to the box, again equal in all but the minds of the players, most of whom have by then forgotten all about the rules induced values of the individuals.

Red Square in Moscow

Red Square in Moscow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling. Here’s the penultimate Russian episode, the first country on the X Files parody third greenYgrey virtual travel fantasy comedy epic around all regions of Eurasia.

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 23: Rook of the Rings

Horse to Rook

The horse sprang over the stream and seemed destined to squash me upon landing. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel the full force of horse power any moment.

Instead I felt the forest had frozen in a moment of madness: flowers  embracing fallen leaves, trees hugging tigers that had that morning escaped from Moscow Zoo.

English: A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-35 perf...

English: A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-35. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard the stream flow about a fantastic shapeshift, and then felt as if I was being lifted into the air. I opened my eyes, and saw that I was rising up above Moscow, with a brilliant bird’s eye view.

That’s probably because I was riding on the back of a rook, and flying ever so high.

Jellyfish to Starfish

Moscow no longer looked like the jellyfish of the map. Instead, it looked like a starfish. Luckily, a passing satellite took a photo of me (greenYgrey) above the Moscow starfish.

I knew that it was still the same Moscow I had been in that morning, with Red Square at the centre of the bright lights. It looked very different to the Moscow map, but I could see it was one and the same; the map had been a good representation, and the roads looked yellow in both.

There was no green and grey on the ground now. As I had risen up into the sky, night had fallen below. Above me it was always night.

Riding the rook reminded me of the bird-brained Mollymook Rowdy Rook classic episode of Werewolf of Oz, Marc Latham’s poem about sunset flying and passing the Pushkin museum that morning. I included the latter in a little poem of my own, along with a classic song from yesteryear, written on the wing, which reminds me of another couple of classic songs included in the semi-classic Pigeons on the Wing poem from Werewolf of Oz.

Anyway, enough memories from down the dust sandy path, and here’s the new literary nonsense poem:

I can see clearly now I’m high in the air
the advantages of being a shapeshifting were
I don’t want a minor planet named after me
or a crater on our hot neighbour Mercury
I just want to be a great writer like Pushkin
and find our lost werewolf Wolfhol halfling.


Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Wikipedia: A small planet has been named 2208 Pushkin, as well as a crater on Mercury. Moscow’s road system is centered roughly around the Kremlin at the heart of the city. From there, roads generally span outwards to intersect with a sequence of circular roads (“rings”).

Johnny Nash song: I Can See Clearly Now, 1972.


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