Chanel Catwalk Feminist Protest Photos Comedy Analysis

When I first saw these images on msn news I thought one of Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno’s original inspirations was leading the search for her, after our fashionista suprema disappeared in an extraordinarily X Files-ish way a few months after our X Files parody fantasy ramble took off.

Chanel Catwalk Fashion Slogans Photos

However, MSN reported that it was Karl Lagerfeld leading a Chanel feminist protest, which is something we support at the greenYgrey, although maybe not the one about men getting pregnant!

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, inspired by Paco Rabanne satirical comedy apprentice fashionista at the greenYgrey most of the time, but for the moment at least, satirical comedy fashionista supremo.

Lagerfeld looks cool on the edge of the models, but I was mainly drawn to the model under the ‘History Is Her Story’ placard.

Definitely Some greenYgreying Going on

The model breaks free of the crowd in this photo, and is shown to be wearing a genius greenYgrey coat ahead of two classic greenygrey-outfits clad models in this photo:

Chanel Fashion Show

greenYgrey Coat and Wolfholesque Slogan Singled Out

Not only was the model wearing a greenYgrey coat, but her ‘Make Fashion Not War’ bag slogan reminded me of our head honcho of greenYgrey creation Andy Wolfhol’s ‘Wolf Not War’ slogan:

Chanel Fashion Show

Surely the must-have outfit for festivals in the southern hemisphere this spring and summer, and maybe even still in fashion for the northern hemisphere 2015?

The above inspiring protest and unfortunately seeing fur at some fashion shows, made me think of a new slogan for the fashion future: ‘Don’t Wear Wolf, Be WereWolf’.

Olmecs Lost Kingdoms Documentary and Scientific Space Discovery

Although the Stonehenge documentaries featured here last week were very relevant to the greenYgrey in many ways, the first in a series of documentaries about Lost Kingdoms of Central America was even more redolent for us. That’s because the leaders of the Olmecs believed they were were-jaguars.

Author: Guy de la Bedoyere Original caption by...

Author: Guy de la Bedoyere Original caption by Bedoyere at Guy de la Bédoyère: “With Tony Robinson and Mick Aston on a Time Team shoot in 2007.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aware Were Not Hollywood Weres

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, comedy history correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary comedian and historian Tony Robinson.

Yes indeed, the Olmecs were Latin America‘s oldest civilisation, thriving 3000 years ago  in Mexico, where the Mayans would later rule.

The Olmecs built the first pyramids on the continent and made the first rubber balls in the world, playing a kind of football/volleyball style game. They also built big stone statues, and worshipped the jaguar as a spirit animal.

They didn’t think they turned into were-jaguars like Hollywood’s werewolves, but thought they could spiritually journey with and as the Central American jungle’s top predator.

Pagans and Monotheists

The Olmec heartland, showing the location of E...

The Olmec heartland, showing the location of El Azuzul in relation to San Lorenzo and other Olmec sites. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We now know that sacred lakes the Olmecs thought bottomless passageways to the underworld do have bottoms.

The same as we know there is infinite space above us, full of planets and stars much bigger than ours, and solar systems full of the building blocks of life, rather than a supernatural world.

The Future is Precious

The past is full of theories and philosophies that have proved false. Much of what we think is true today will probably be proved false in the future.

Every day scientific finds are pushing what we know about the past back, with new discoveries about humans like those found around Stonehenge, or new dinosaurs and human ancestors creating new paradigms of theories.

The reason we don’t know more about our planet’s past and the way space works is because we don’t have the tools and knowledge yet. The truth is likely to be much wilder and intriguing than even the myths and legends of the ancient worlds.

However, the truth about life is small and microscopic. I won’t pretend to understand it all myself, but over time it does sink in a little, and when well explained it does seem to make sense.

Like the building blocks of life themselves, learning about them little by little builds the blocks of understanding needed to appreciate the science, like the structures themselves grow into the life-creating complex amino acids that started the ball rolling on planet Earth. 

Complex Molecules Found in Space

Along those lines, this week news agencies including Astrobiology Web released evidence featured in this month’s Science journal that a carbon-bearing molecule with a “branched” structure has been found in interstellar space.

AW reported that the ‘branched structure of the carbon atoms within the iso-propyl cyanide molecule is unlike the straight-chain carbon backbone of other molecules that have been detected so far, including its sister molecule normal-propyl cyanide.
The discovery of iso-propyl cyanide opens a new frontier in the complexity of molecules found in regions of star formation, and bodes well for the presence of amino acids, for which this branched structure is a key characteristic.’

Amino acids have already been found in meteorites, and they hope to find them in inter-stellar space soon. They also provided a nice greenYgrey image:

Kingdom of the Jaguar is available in the U.K. for another two weeks, and might be available elsewhere?

X Files Parody Poem Fantasy Travels Estonia Dream Space

In recent rambling history, an epic poem was sent from the greenYgrey in Estonia, and another was received soon after. We said they could perhaps be called one, but it would have been rather long, and it is foretold that this book will contain 202 episodes. So here’s the second epic poem, which could have been one super epic poem, with one super epic introduction, but we thought it was better this were… better these weres.

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 4

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetry fiction travel correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poet traveller and writer of fiction Jack Kerouac. I hope you didn’t mind that little play of were-way words at the end there; just trying to find a way to were I’m going with this intro…

…to the 28th episode of the new X Files comedy parody fantasy travel ramble across all regions of Eurasia book…

…which is w(h)ere we have reached in the serialisation of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections too, in a weird X Filesish parallel world meeting of the past and future, poetry and prose… and more poetry…

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 4

Semi-circled the other side
to where I last saw the sun
original clock
when time was free
from precision
pressure boiling up
sending solar storms
dancing at leisure
unseen by humanity
before pagan insanity
was lost to cities
of organised anarchy
one god each competitivity
my mind seemed to stop
listening to the ground
and started ticking back
kcot, kcit, kcot, kcit, kcot, kcit
the hour hand of my life
carried me to my first memories
in the distant west
the minute hands pointed north
over the Gulf of Finland
and the seconds hand
rushed me west
to rhyming words
beyond inland cities
of Niua and Nomme
out into the Baltic Sea
western islands
of Hiumaa and Saaremaa
where I could still see
a dream me
silhoutetting through history
of my forgotten
recent rambling
I wondered what we
were doing
Were and Love
wearing our hearts
on our furry sleeves
when my mind
randomly reached
time’s volcanic vortex
shooting through
erupting every direction
Estonia to the west
Russia to the east
Finland to the north
Latvia to the south.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

London Fashion Week Comedy Cool Brands Highlights

It was London Fashion Week eve, and Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno was nowhere to be seen. So I had to quickly prepare for my first solo assignment without Stella’s stella management. I thought it was ironic that Stella’s disappeared just as one of her human inspirations, Stella McCartney, has entered the Top 20 Cool Brands.

Top 20 U.K. Cool Brands greenygreyheader2a

The greenYgrey was unfortunately again the bridesmaid rather than bride, not making the top 20 itself, while helping Google make number 6, YouTube one below, and Stella McC in at 20.

The list was topped by Apple, Aston-Martin and Nike.

Congratulations to all, and like last year, we can only hope we fell just short, and can make it into the Top 20 next year…

We think we’re cooler, funnier and more ethical than the top 3 cool brands, but maybe not as fast, fun and functional.

London Fashion Week

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, inspired by Paco Rabanne satirical comedy apprentice fashionista at the greenYgrey most of the time, but for the moment at least, satirical comedy fashionista supremo.

I was hoping Stella would surface after London Fashion Week, or be mentioned in one of greenYgrey’s XaW Files like Love the mixed-up vole, but she hasn’t yet.

Barbican Protests

My assignment was made even more difficult by protests against an art exhibition at the Barbican which was supposed to be critical of white history but that was depicted as racist by the protestors, meaning I was cautious about what images to use in my London Fashion Week report.

It’s meant that my report isn’t as good as it could have been, and I’d have liked it to be, but I hope you’ll accept the best of greenYgrey fashion from London Fashion Week I feel comfortable about reporting.

London Fashion Week

Day 1: Felder Felder

Day 5: Fashion East

Rita Ora Wears an Adorer

Beyond London Fashion Week, I was delighted to see Rita Ora wearing an adorable greenYgrey finished product.

Double Folding Mirror Poem Reflections

27 is mythically supposed to be a  difficult year for rock and rollers, with a 27 club of rockers who died at that age. Reflection 27 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections is about depression, so I asked Marc Latham whether he remembers 27 being a particularly difficult year. He said he doesn’t remember it as such; rather it was just another year of 27 difficult years, but he had a lot of fun and worthwhile experience in those years too.

Multiple lasers reflecting from a mirror.

Multiple lasers reflecting from a mirror. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funnily enough, in the other way to funny ha! ha!, Stephen Fry was on the news this morning talking about depression while publicising his new autobiographical book, and he was talking about Philip Seymour Hoffman having controlled his addictions for 23 years before succumbing to them aged 46.

Mirror Poems and Reflections

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, the real satirical comedy poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey, inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

In line with Marc Latham’s introduction quote, and the greenYgrey ideology, and so as not to depress you too much today, not to mention because it has been quite some time since our last Reflection from 242 Mirror Poems, today we have the first double Reflection in one blog post from that book.

English: Sample of mirror like reflection in a...

English: Sample of mirror like reflection in a rendering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the first Reflection is about coping with depression through facing reality, the second contains a humorous poem about mental health issues.

Together, hopefully they provide a little balance greenYgrey style, as well as a couple of ideas for coping with mental health issues and the general reality of life, death and existence.

Using Depressive Thoughts

Reflection 27 reflected the Folding Mirror poem Life has More Meaning than Death, which was posted on in June 2012.

While some people can look on the bright side of life all the time, most people are at some time hit by the cyclical realities of existence, and it seems a good idea to try and learn from them:

Reflection 27

is a state of mind
if you accept its normality
and accurate view
of the negative side
to the world cycle
that enters your life
then it’s not time

Comedy Poem

Reflection 28 had a two-for-one philosophy, like this blog post. It reflected the Folding Mirror poem Y Green and Grey Go Together, which was posted on in April 2012, after the completion of the Werewolf of Oz set off the greenYgrey golden age.

It also reflects the previous Reflection above quite nicely, as it writes about still finding new wonders of the world and universe even in middle-age; and wonders that are beyond the controls of humanity and free to see for everybody.

Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean

Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first half of the Reflection explained the poem’s inspiration:

Reflection 28 (part 1)

‘by seeing Venus during the day while trekking in the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks, alerted by the Sky at Night television programme; my first conscious sighting of a middle-of-the-day planet or star at the age of 46. It was on the same March 2012 trip that I took the 242 Mirror Poems cover photo.’

Reflection 28 (part 2)

The second half of the Reflection lightened the mood under a clear day and night sky with a previously unpublished comedy poem:

If the sheepdogs tell great jokes
and livestock like to clown around
under a smiling sun and moon
I want to go to the funny farm.

Smashwords cover

Equinox Stonehenge New Scientific Evidence Documentaries

Yesterday, September 23rd, was the 2014 equinox, so the days will have more dark than light in the northern hemisphere for the next six months, and vice versa in the south. Documentaries on new scientific studies at Stonehenge claim the stone-age inhabitants who built Stonehenge nearly 5000 years ago knew the passage of the stars and sun, and planned Britain’s most famous stone circle using precision geometry impressive even today.

Operation Stonehenge

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, comedy history correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary comedian and historian Tony Robinson.

Stonehenge at sunset on a cloudy day.

Stonehenge at sunset on a cloudy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Operation Stonehenge‘s two parts are available until Thursday (tomorrow) at 9pm, and all day Saturday in the U.K. G.M.T. It may be available elsewhere?

The documentary featured new evidence from a Hidden Landscapes five year project that used new scientific methods, such as ground penetrating equipment to provide a multi-layered map over miles around.

They thought the area had been used by human communities for 5000 years before Stonehenge was built, finding a long barrow communal tomb dating from 1000 years before Stonehenge was built, and a myriad of hidden temples and shrines in the vicinity.

Monumento Stonehenge

Monumento Stonehenge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was lots of greenYgrey on view in the documentaries, as shown in the images on the programme’s website pages.

Moreover, like the greenYgrey world, the Stonehenge community enjoyed a golden age before ending, and there has been more ancient gold found there than at any other stone circle site in the U.K.

A few of the examples of intricate jewellery and weapons are included in this photo, which also creates a great greenYgrey image!:

Happy autumn/fall and winter to the northern hemisphere, and happy spring/summer to the southern!

X Files Parody Estonia Epic Poem

There’s been some strange goings on in the greenYgrey world since greenYgrey set off on its third and final epic fantasy ramble, and there’s also been weird wandering on the adventure itself. The abnormal is probably to be expected though, as it is an X Files parody.

Estonia Dream Epic Poem Part 1

Author J.K. Rowling answers questions after re...

Author J.K. Rowling answers questions after reading from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fantasy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard fiction writing legend J.K. Rowling (not the poetry correspondent as stated last time, sorry William Wolfsworth).

After greenYgrey rambled across Russia over four summer months in a pretty straight line, everything seemed to go haywire when it left, and it found itself having missed a chapter going straight into 3 from 1.

English: The Holy Trinity Unitarian Church in ...

English: The Holy Trinity Unitarian Church in Mustvee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It now seems to be resting and remembering, as we received two XaW Files in quick succession, and I have the first here today. It should really be the job of our Jack Kerouac-inspired poetry fiction correspondent Jack Wolfpac, and he’ll be bringing you the next one. We could have combined the two, but we do have 202 episodes to fill!






XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 3:
Dream See in Mustvee

Only got ability
to lie one way
I lay down facing east
in the direction of
my remembered Russian
XaW Files first chapter
but when I was falling
asleep alongside Love
my Mustvee mind
said I must see
returning me
to the opening lines
of our arrival
in Estonia
‘We’d travelled south
to Estonia’s north-west’
which meant that we
must have travelled north
from Saint Petersburg
and then returned south
to the Baltic state
where we now found
ourselves’ each other
a guardian elf in good ‘ealth
lifting at least one
of my self’s dreams
to Talinn Bay
not the way
I faced
totally out
the other way
where I remember
into totality
Love was here
Love was there
Love was everywhere
everywhere I went
in my dream
I started to believe
that all my thoughts
were truly real
not only in the present
only in future as written
but mainly of the past
as a memory of forgotten time
my dream lifted me
to where we had travelled
between Russia and Estonia…


‘ealth shortened from health.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

I Dream Of Flight

I Dream Of Flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)