Rotherham Reason: New Labour Multiculturalists and Liberals Love Islam, Hate Chavs

The Rotherham child abuse by mainly Pakistani and Asian men is said to have started in 1997. Is it a coincidence that is also the year the New Labour government took over in Britain. Is it also a coincidence that the abuse only started to be uncovered after New Labour left power.

Rotherham and the ICS: a Comparison

The child abuse was not only covered up in Rotherham council, it was covered up by the whole of the British liberal elite, including the ICS university department, who suppressed, bullied and intimidated Marc Latham when he tried to write about what was happening to the people they liked to call ‘chavs’.

The heads of department had their own grooming going on anyway, which was also ignored and supported by their ‘yes people’ below, including fawning women, as long as their careers were kept on an upward trajectory. The student complaints and alumni office also didn’t want to know.

Chavs and Bloody Nasty People

When Owen Jones was lauded as a great working class hero for his ‘Chavs‘ book, most of his supporters failed to notice or care that he left out the child abuse scandals. As I wrote in my Goodreads review nearly a year ago:

‘The first chapter could have been about the care home scandals; both the abuse by those in charge inside, and those waiting to prey on the poor and vulnerable outside; rather than the Shannon case, which doesn’t really work. The media did intensely publicise the Shannon disappearance, and it turned out to be a hoax, as those who look negatively on ‘chavs’ would have presumed.’

The problem is, from my experience, it probably wouldn’t have been published by the liberal dominated publishing media if it had tried to tackle the worst atrocity against the ‘chavs’ over the last couple of decades.

Instead we had a polemical book on the BNP that seemed to want to be the next ‘Chavs’: sub-titled Bloody Nasty People. I don’t know any BNP members, and never have, and maybe they are nasty people. But are they any worse than those who’ve either helped suppress news or ignore evidence against the child grooming gangs?

The left seems to think George Galloway and Russell Brand are bloody nice people, despite years of using and abusing women via their lucrative careers. As long as you support Islam!

The Child Abuse Problem in Britain is Islam Using Multiculturalism

While most Muslims and their British liberal supporters are probably bloody nice people, so were most Germans in Nazi Germany. It is what they support and ignore that is abhorrent.

The Islamic prophet is supposed to have had a child bride and harem, and Muslims are supposed to think he led a perfect life.

While it may have been the norm in those days, with British royalty also having child brides, British men don’t consider those kings to have led perfect lives, and don’t try and emulate them.

Boko Haram and British Child Abduction

I remember Liberal/LibDems’ Shirley Williams saying on Question Time that Boko Haram’s kidnapping of Nigerian girls should have got more publicity sooner, and that it was probably down to race. Shirley, 1000s of white girls have been kidnapped in Britain, and you and your Liberal friends ignored and suppressed it.

Rapes and abductions have been a part of the ISIS (IS) war in the Middle-East, with women told to convert to Islam and become a slave baby machine or die.

Liberal Britain Creates Hatred, Submission and Suppression:
Better Raped than Racist

While everybody deserves a voice, that should be balanced. Liberal Britain has created a culture over the last twenty years where it must seem better for white working class girls in places like Rotherham to be raped than considered racist: at least they’ll feel normal then, one of the crowd, rather than ostracised from polite society like Jade Goody.

I recently saw Jim Davidson grovelling to Naga Munchetty on the BBC morning news sofa, as if begging her to approve of him. A veteran comedian under the power of a television newcomer. Seemed like a microcosm of today’s Britain.

Steve McQueen, director of 12 Years a Slave, is said to be working on a BBC drama about the lives of black Britons, which follows the lives of a group of friends and their families from 1968 to 2014.

While it will probably be good, and worth telling and watching, it will also probably help promote the liberal Britain myth of white evil and black goodness; leading to more British non-whites supporting the Islamist cause, like the murderers of Lee Rigby and James Foley.

By the way, I haven’t heard them being called ‘racist’ murders by the liberal media. Foley’s father, maybe in his terrible grief, unfortunately even called his son’s murder an ‘execution’. While ‘execution’ can broadly be used to describe murder, it is most often commonly used to describe punishments for wrongdoing.

Terrible things were done by British colonists and slavers in Africa and around the world, but Arab slavery in Africa far outdates the white European, and it is still going on now, and seems to in fact be growing. There was also an Arab white-slave trade.

What about a film about the Arab white-slave trade, or a BBC film about what it’s been like for white working-class people living under multicultural fascism.

Oh yes, the BBC did have a white season, but it was more critical of the white working-class than supportive, and even depicted Islam as the saviour for an 11-year-old white girl; seems too eerily like Rotherham and all the other real life cases! As I wrote in a Suite 101 article in 2010:

White Girl on the BBC in New Labour Britain

Abi Morgan’s White Girl for the BBC White season in March 2008 showed a totally positive image of Islam, as it provided a sanctuary from the seedy, violent and dysfunctional white community. There were no paedophiles to groom her, and the drama would probably have sent any impressionable young girls into their hands.

The drama, which was supposed to be part of a season providing a voice for the white working class community, showed a white British family splitting up because of an abusive husband (Stevie).

Of course there are such families within the white working class community, but there were also many stories of a paedophile problem within the Asian community in Bradford.

But when the mother (Debbie) moved to Bradford with her daughter (Leah) there were no Asians trying to groom her. Instead, the Muslim community was shown as the salvation, in direct contrast to the white working class community, which was supposed to be having its voice.


2004 Abuse Documentary Objections

Earlier in the article I’d written about how a 2004 documentary about the child abuse going on in Bradford, which is not far from Rotherham, had been postponed because of ‘community protests’:

In 2004, a Channel Four documentary about the problem in Bradford was delayed because of a local community protest ( and threats of legal action, as it reported how local parents were battling to prevent their children being groomed by predominantly Asian gangs.


Writing from the Underground

Liberal academics have been focusing on Islamaphobia, and this must have made the Muslim child groomers’ work much easier: how they are always the victims of nasty racist Britain.

A groomed (or seducer, she got married to one head of department anyway!) Italian academic who wouldn’t enter into a discussion about Islam got all the jobs and career progression in the ICS. She has since turned into a bit of a ‘Jihad Jane’.

I didn’t want to be a part of that liberal elite anyway, too aware of what they were defending and supporting, and the way Britain was going.

Incredible Incredulous British Media

And the British ‘liberal media’ are now wondering why British youth are being radicalised into Islamic fundamentalists!

The Birmingham schools being taken over by Islamists only seems too reminiscent of British universities in 2000 -2005, where support for al-Quaeda was the norm, Bush-Blair were the terrorists, they only boycott the Jews (their derogatory way of saying it, and nice George Galloway now wants a Jew (Israel) free Bradford; with no criticism of Islamist child groomers presumably!), and the ICS was probably training members of ISIS/IS in propaganda and video production while grovelling for Saudi money!

So well done to liberal Britain. You’ve made the country a breeding ground for Islamist terrorism, helped some have a good time raping and torturing the hated chav girls, and probably helped create a Caliphate in Iraq/Syria. Seems like you achieved the objectives all too apparent when I studied in the ICS 2000 – 2005.


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