Travel Morning Philosophy in Moscow Map Jellyfish

All roads lead to Moscow looking at Moscow’s Google map, while there are also circular roads ringing the city’s centre. That image seems to have made quite an impression on greenYgrey, as it provided the inspiration and framework for its arrival in Russia’s capital city virtual travel blog post.

English: Cassiopeia andromeda (Upside-down jel...

English: Cassiopeia andromeda (Upside-down jellyfish) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenygrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling. I can see what the greenYgrey’s getting at, as this upside-down greenygrey jellyfish photo looks to me like a city seen from the air at night.

I just followed an in-text link to Upside-down jellyfish, and found out it’s not a jellyfish finding itself upside-down for some reason, it’s the simple name of an actual genus of true jellyfish called cassiopea. No lies, it is a true jellyfish.

The name cassiopea reminded me of the star constellation Cassiopeia, which is an easy to spot w shape in the northern night sky, and recently drew my attention to it with a comet apparently passing near it.

I didn’t see the comet, but then again, I didn’t try very hard, or look closely. I’m a bit werey (wary) about going out at night with binoculars!

I always thought Cassiopeia looked nice, probably somewhat to do with it being clear to see, and just saw on Wikipedia that it’s ‘named after the vain queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivalled beauty.’ Makes sense, and I will try and remember that the next time I see her.

Finding out all this extra knowledge shows there are some perks to this job, and it’s not all unpaid enjoyable rewarding toil. Anyway, I fear I have digressed, and without further ado, as our Wolfhol used to say to you, here’s the greenYgrey virtually arriving in Moscow:

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 21

A perfectly flattened greenYgrey jellyfish called Moscow.

That’s what my map looked like in the early morning sunlight. There were blue veins and pools of water amongst the greenYgrey on the map, and the sky above me was blueing too.





Moscow Map and Reality

The water didn’t look as blue in Moscow yet, but it might get bluer later in the day, when the sun was directly above.

The yellow map roads were no dust sandy paths like in Oz. They were grey. Pure tarmac. Dull  and efficient. I thought that was quite ironic, something of a coincidence, one greenYgrey colour representing another greenYgrey colour.

The green and grey of the map were pretty representative of their real entities. Some of the green was scorched yellowybrown, and some of the grey was painted other colours, but they were essentially greenygrey.

Moscow Morning Musing

Sunshine and colourful buildings made me want to walk. Yerofeyev’s Venya had wanted to talk. He was killed. So I didn’t talk. I walked.

Quiet empty grey streets and awakening green park life made me feel at home. I thought of Marc Latham arriving in Stockholm to finish off his twenty-five years of travel.

If the city still slept, was I sleepwalking? Out of bed, bedroom and house, through the streets and junctions like a thought neuron travelling the synapse pathways of the mind. I felt a warm feeling as I thought of myself within Moscow’s mind, sleepwalking within a sleeping city. Moscow would no doubt awake thinking it had been lucid dreaming. I clearly remembered…

I saw beer
bought from booths
babies born
on balconies
at first light
before the sun
rose above

St. Basil cathedral in Moscow.

St. Basil cathedral in Moscow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









a beautiful coloured cathedral
illuminated at night
like a jellyfish bell

Moon jellyfish in the Pairi Daiza aquarium in ...

Moon jellyfish in the Pairi Daiza aquarium in Belgium. Because of the lighting, the organism in shown in false colour. Français : Méduse aurélie à l’aquarium du parc pairi daiza (Belgique) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




painted underground tunnels
spreading out in all directions
like a jellyfish bloom
stretching their tentacles
after a long tiring swim
to their ocean reunion.

Jellyfish microbes






I was not a jellyfish or tentacle in Moscow. I was simply a microbe. But I was alive and moving. And the city seemed to be awakening in a good mood.



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