U.K. Riots Inspired Mirror Poem and Reflection

There were many ways to interpret the U.K. riots of 2011. Marc Latham chose to interpret them as being caused by a lack of living space for a Folding Mirror poem about controlling the mind rather than trying to destroy the local environment.

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, satirical poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

That Folding Mirror poem was called Inner Strength, Mental Health and it was mirrored in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections by reference 25, which explained it more by delving into the human psyche.

English: Double-deck bus burning in 2011 Engla...

English: Double-deck bus burning in 2011 England riots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.K. Riots Mirror Poem

The poem and reflection’s catalyst was the  U.K. riots in 2011. At that time, there was a lot of talk about society collapsing, but a few years later the country is back to where it was before the recession, and it was just another deep dip in the country’s economy.

Those who experienced a recession for the first time will hopefully remember it the next time, and tell those suffering it for the first time that it will probably pass.

Many people did suffer during the recession, and many are still struggling. Marc Latham has never not struggled in the U.K., still working part-time in a job just over the minimum wage, and he’s a white Briton with a PhD qualification. He has chosen to try creating a freelance writer career for himself to remain independent, although this was partly because he felt discriminated against himself.

Reflection 25

English: Bowscale Tarn The tarn lies in a typi...

The poem was written after the UK riots of 2011. Although I sometimes dislike modern society and yearn for a more natural one, the scenes of mass destruction against homes, businesses and landmarks looked all wrong.
Whatever the pressures and problems (if it wasn’t just greed and power), there are always places to escape if desired, rather than trying to create space in somewhere densely inhabited.

The Feather Store, St Kilda, Scotland. This re...

The Feather Store, St Kilda, Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people feel they’re not their real selves within modern society; which is literally a construction. Most think they become their real selves outside the work environment, when they spend time with their family, play sports, or escape into the countryside.
I often wonder whether this is something inspired by life in modern society; a natural desire of your life in the here and now; or is it something imprinted in your genes stretching back to our ancestors in prehistory.

Michael McCarthy was also quoted from an article about St. Kilda published in the Independent newspaper on August 9th, 2012: ‘…I think the longing for nature in its pristine state is much older. Remember, we have been computer operators for a single generation, and workers in offices for about three; but we were farmers for 400 generations, and before that we were hunter-gatherers for perhaps 20,000.’

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