Rhyming Poem of Five Stanzas X Files Travel Parody

The XaW Files seem to be becoming more regular now the greenYgrey is approaching western Russia, having traversed the difficult eastern Siberian terrain and weather. Having become stuck in Omsk for four epic episodes, gYg continues westward in episode 17, with only seven more Russian episodes left to mirror the first series of X Files‘s twenty-four episodes.

X Files Parody Introduction

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction writing correspondent inspired by legendary writer J.K. Rowling in the human world.

The "Snakes and Ladders" attraction ...

The “Snakes and Ladders” attraction on the Isle of Wight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This episode takes gYg from Omsk to Chelyabinsk, linking the two through concluding the big sculpted fish story.

It does this in the first four stanzas of a five stanzas epic poem episode. The fifth stanza takes gYg to the edge of the city, and sets it up to start another passage in this tale of travel virtually across all parts of Eurasia.

The stanzas general rhyme in an A-A-B-B-B sequence.

The second and third stanzas seem to have been inspired by checking the right way to write disassemble, with dissemble having a totally different meaning. It looks as if gYg has turned a negative into a positive; unable to use the shorter dissemble, gYg created the third stanza out of the ‘hiding emotions’ meaning of dissemble, and this led into a stale relationship metaphor in the fourth stanza.

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 17

I jumped aboard the big fish
it took me to Chelyabinsk
but we encountered a time warp there
and were hit by the giant meteor
that hurtled to Earth a year before.

The fish disassembled
as the ground trembled
the ladders searched for snakes
looking for board game breaks
living the life that rolling dice makes.

The mouth instead dissembled
its sharp V lips smile levelled
the teeth became more blunt
as if it had suddenly learnt
staying together sometimes hurts.

I felt like I no longer knew the sculpture
that had once symbolised Omsk culture
soon all that was left was the anchor
to the still grounded and smiling I said ‘poka’
the informal Russian way to say ‘see ya’.

I reached the western edge of the city
stuck out a thumb pretty nifty
some cars passed going uphill
a lorry turned off travelling downhill
before getting the hump off the city flag camel.

Chelyabinsk, flag

Chelyabinsk, flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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