Fishy Art Search Image Code Provides Omsk Street Scene

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 16;_ylt=Az_6xdftRONTzWQA._tNBQx.;

The streets were like a maze, concrete haze, clearing Gromitov’s memory daze phase.


Numbers and letters, doors and windows, where was I, and what number was I.


I thought of the Prisoner television series, where the protagonist was assigned number 6.

Thinking time inspired café dive.———————————————————-


———————————————————–I left through the back door. I felt twenty-six


per-cent sure I could make it out of Omsk in one piece. My spirits were raised as I saw a


www sign and remembered the greenYgrey website’s www motto. I saw a p, and just out

of interest I asked it if it had been in The Prisoner. It said it was not a part of Prisoner,


it was a free letter. Walking out of town I also felt already free.


Omsk was just a fantasy, like every other village, town and city.


Streets are created like sculptures, given names by searchers.


Searching for something by creating new. I saw a me café with a table for two. Dropped in.


Fell out under a fill-it of fish.

I’m the fish
that got away
set in greenYgrey
I’m going your way
I’m much bigger
growing in your memory
don’t miss
this opportunity
give me a kiss
and I’ll bite
climb ladders
before I unload
my catch and
suck up my anchor
I’m your westward ticket
you can’t afford to miss it.


The Prisoner television series. A catchphrase of its protagonist was that he was not a number, he was a free man. Iron Maiden wrote a song inspired by the series.
Omsk street sculpture.

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By the makers of XaW Files:
greenYgrey virtual travel trilogy Part 2

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