Epic Poem Jailbreak Inspired by AC/DC, Wallace and Gromit and Russian Literature

After starring in Werewolf of Oz, Bon Scott AC/DC returned to the greenYgrey fantasy travel trilogy in the last episode of the epic prose and poem X Files parody comedy with a serious side trek across all regions of Eurasia.

AC/DC Jailbreak Song Inspired Epic Poem 

English: J.K. Rowling reads from Harry Potter ...

English: J.K. Rowling reads from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at the Easter Egg Roll at White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction writing correspondent inspired by J.K. Rowling in the human world.

Today’s thrilling episode of XaW Files (which refers to our Andy Wolfhol declaring himself the ex Andy Wolfhol before disappearing from his position as head honcho of greenYgrey creation, and then sending some mysterious files from On The Road) ends the Omsk trilogy with more inspiration from Wallace and Gromit, a little classic Russian literature, and as Cilla used to say, a lorra AC/DC’s Jailbreak song and video:

Chapter 1 Episode 15

I asked Gromitov if he had any explosives
he said he had some crackers
his former owner Wallacev had sent
along with some bryndza cheese
I said I thought I could break us out with that.

The cheese didn’t stick like Wensleydale
and the crackers were biscuits not fireworks
but what works in real life don’t mean ditto
in an X Files parody fantasy world
with Plato replaced by Pluto.

I asked Gromitov if he knew the best place
to stick the cheesy cracker paste
he said the back wall left-side corner
was probably the most strategic
as behind it was an open space.

I stuck the cheesycracker muck
to the wall between four bricks
spreading it nice n’ thick
hoping it’d do the trick
before synchronised diving quick.

We hit the floor under the right-side bed
as the bryndza bore through brickwork
the crackers cracked the cement
bringing the jailhouse down
around our sheltered containment.

When the furore subsided
we crawled backsided
up over the liberated
independent bricks
and out into the open yard.

We ran side by side
with freedom around the corner
bullets started landing
all around us
Gromitov fell brushing my shoulder.

I stooped to check his health
could feel no breath
turned him over where he was prone
saw a bullet hole in each collar bone
and another straight through the heart.

I patted him on the head
said Goodbye dear friend
before legging it around the corner
as bullets exploded
a window across the street.

I planned to read The Idiot
as I ran to the west of Omsk
remembering Gromitov
how he’d talked of war and peace
Dostoyevsky, Pluto and Wallacev.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.


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