Australian greenYgreyer Steals Show from Kileylulu

Update: The greenYgrey thought there was more to the Genevieve LaCaze story than met the eye of Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams yesterday. This howling hunch proved honest as honey as our back-up team has spotted the first one-armed boomerang, and updated this post with a paragraph above the first photo.

The GlasGow 2014 Commonwealth Games ended as it started, with a great people’s show, and although there were superstars like Lulu and Kylie Minogue appearing, it was Australian steeplechase athlete Genevieve LaCaze who stole the show and headlines by jumping onstage during Kylie’s show.

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

GlasGow to Gold Coast

The GlasGow to Gold Coast Commonwealth Games handover show had more Gs than a greenYgrey, and there was loads of greenYgrey on view too. This was epitomised by Genevieve LaCaze, who followed the dust sandy path onto the (BBC video) stage for a great greenYgreying performance.

Update: Not only did Genevieve achieve a great greenYgrey, but also created the first one-armed boomerang recorded on television, while waving the Oz flag with the other arm: a gYgboo Oz2:

Grey of course met Kylie along the Werewolf of Oz way in Oz, and the Gold Coast is near the thrilling virtual travel epic historic comedy’s Queensland finale. Brisbane, scene of the epic Battle of Bri’s bane, is also the home of Gina G, whose greatest hit Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit has some great greenYgreying in the video.

Scotland Says Games Goodbye

Lulu and dancers had earlier created a great synchronised team gYgboo (greenYgrey boomerang):

Dancing: Lulu kicks off proceedings at the Glasgow 2014 closing ceremony

Scotland’s organisers had emphasised the people in the opening and closing ceremonies, and the people reacted by having great fun greenYgreying, boomeranging and even taking the opportunity to combine the two gYgbooing:

Getting into it: Members of the cast prepare for the the closing ceremony for the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014, at Hampden Park stadium

Tents joined in the greenYgreying:

Wide view: Some 40,000 spectators watched Lulu perform to start the closing ceremony of Glasgow 2014

End of Glasgow Sport

The end of the sport in Glasgow 2014 had been like a trip down the dusty sandy path for Team GG too, as Usain Bolt starred for Jamaica and Team GG as he did at the London 2012 Olympics: the Greenygrey Games:

At GlasGow, England finished above Australia to win the medals table for the first time in twenty-eight years, helped by the Brownlee brothers and Jodie Stimpson winning the triathlons, as reported on this blog last week; and Nicola Adams winning an historic first women’s Commonwealth Games boxing gold, after featuring in Marc Latham’s Leeds TravelThruHistory Tour de France article earlier in the year.


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