Talk to the Animals, like Insects and Plants

Marc Latham’s recent Folding Mirror poem about the extraordinary migration of monarch butterflies, and the article and information that inspired it, made me think about genetic pre-programming in animal life.

This has relevance for this site, because as regular readers will know, the greenYgrey is the only one of its species it knows, so it is trying to find its reality while fantasy travelling around the world on virtually epic rambles.

Monarch Butterfly Pre-Programming

English: Monarch butterflies

English: Monarch butterflies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf, wildlife conservation correspondent at the greenYgrey, inspired by Chris Packham.

Monarch butterflies and milkweed plants seem so entwined in life on Mother Earth they seem as one: as if the plants are a part of the butterfly every bit as much as the pupa and caterpillar.

According to a Yahoo Answer, the monarch butterfly caterpillar’s reliance on milkweed is a plant-insect symbiosis relationship, with the milkweed making the caterpillar poisonous to predators, and the caterpillar helping ‘pollinate the milkweed, thereby helping the milkweed make more seeds.’

While monarch butterflies seem to do enough in helping pollinate the milkweed, do they do it another service at a higher level: its relationship with humanity.

H20140611-2884—Asclepias eriocarpa—RPBG

H20140611-2884—Asclepias eriocarpa—RPBG (Photo credit: John Rusk)

Because the reliance of monarch butterfly caterpillars on milkweed (asclepias) means that the species that has grown to be Earth’s gardener and overseer, humanity, now knows that no milkweed means no monarch butterflies; and the loss of one of the most beautiful creatures and remarkable migrations known to modern humanity.

Although many humans will care about this, will enough as a species care? It doesn’t look good for milkweed and monarchs the way things are going so far; with honey bees another important insect in severe species decline; but hopefully humanity’s awakening to the intelligence and complexity of other life on Earth, and its importance to humanity itself, might save other species.

Is Reincarnation Theory Genetic Pre-Programming?

Head inspector.

Head inspector. (Photo credit: hyper7pro)

While watching Talk to the Animals last night, with lots more examples of incredible animal intelligence, languages and relationships; including vervet monkeys who’d never seen a leopard before moving to the edge of branches and warning others to do so when they saw a model of a leopard, and seemingly dumb animals like mongooses and prairie dogs using complex multifaceted sounds describing numbers, sizes and even the colours of predators; I had the brainwave that maybe the theory of  reincarnation, most commonly known in Hinduism/Buddhism, could be ancestors’ memories pre-programmed into humans.


reinCarnation (Photo credit: “Daniel”)

So I searched is buddhism reincarnation genetic pre-programming and found that there are already lots of articles and theories about this.

I was therefore too late to claim the idea as my own, but it was good to read that the theory is already out there and that it is being discussed constructively.

The greenYgrey has been concentrating its search for other greenYgreys on humans and wolves. However, with humanity sharing most of its DNA with other life forms, and many of its  social and communication models, as new scientific research is showing, the greenYgrey should probably expand its search to all life forms… starting with monarch butterflies.


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