Fantasy Travel Tomsk-Omsk Tongue-Twisting Talk

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 12

T for Tomsk
T for Two
Tomsk toddled off
Try making tea for two
Thereafter only one of you.

Tomsk to Omsk

I noticed that Tomsk had left a cup of T on the Chekhov statue plinth. I was feeling tired after all the Tomsk talking, trials and tribulations, so sat on the plinth and started supping the T. I was imagining shapes in the residue of the e and a lining the cup’s inside when I must have dropped off.

Next thing I remember, I was lying on the floor somewhere else.

A plumber sculpture was looking at me from a manhole, so I asked him where I was.

The plumber said I was in Omsk, about 600 miles or 900 km west of Tomsk.

I thought for a minute, then two, then three.

After three I thought of T, because two and three is two Ts.

I theorised that when I drank the T Tomsk had left behind I must have been transported directly to Omsk. I asked the plumber if any others had landed here in Omsk – directly from Tomsk. ... you? " - My Friend asked me with surprise, pointing to 2 Tea cups

Tomsk-Omsk Tongue-Twisting Talk

He looked at me with wise old eyes, before telling me:

Without T travel would unravel into ravel
lose complete control becoming velra or veral
or some other combination of the five letters
transforming drinkers of the T into Mad Hatters
hurtling down rabbit holes and sculpted sewers
you’re not the only one, there’s a few of us
in fact, I don’t know how you jumped the queue
I awoke behind two-hundred Tomsk-Omsk travellers in 2002.

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