Brazilian World Cup Other Side

Was the Brazilian football team’s World Cup performance affected by the demonstrations against the tournament’s expense. I don’t think so. I also question the value of demonstrations against Brazil World Cup 2014 before the tournament took place, although I sympathise with the Brazilian poor, and empathise with the demonstrators’ concerns about the way money is spent in the country when there are people living in extreme poverty.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Social Concerns

Brazil at Night (NASA, International Space Sta...

Brazil at Night (NASA, International Space Station, 06/12/14) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, social conscience at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary socialist Che Guevara.

I believe that some sport and culture world events are so historic and important that they are worth the expenditure and impact, and hope that they have a positive effect on the host country, its region and ripples around the world.

Without doing any additional research, or knowing what the future holds for Brazil, I hope that Brazil 2014 has been a great success for the country; although they would of course have wanted to win it;  and that it will recoup all the financial outlay spent on organising the tournament and building the stadiums.

Brazil World Cup Legacy

Amazon Animals

Amazon Animals (Photo credit: familymwr)

I hope that the World Cup inspired tourist revenue and new business deals filter down to the poor, including the native Brazilians still living a natural life in the Amazon jungles, and their lives improve, while not impacting negatively on Brazil’s fabulous environment and landscapes.

Of course that is wishful thinking, but with the next Olympics also in Brazil, in 2016, the two biggest stationary sporting events in the world should provide the biggest South American country with an ideal platform to showcase their beautiful country to the world.

Brazil World Cup Award

As an extra fillip to Brazil, I can now reveal that Brazil 2014 has been declared the greenYgrey Cup, following Blighty’s Olympics 2012 centred in London being known as the greenYgrey Games.

To celebrate, here’s some great greenYgrey images from around Brazil from the MSN website, led by this great greenYgrey plants, water and mountains photo:

World Cup hideaways in Brazil

Brazil Tourist Attractions

The UNESCO heritage Fernando de Noronha ecowonderland mixes green seas and vegetation with grey rocks and yellow sunshine for great greenYgrey:

World Cup hideaways in Brazil

The Chapada Diamantina national park has ‘otherworldly table-top mountain geo formations, waterfalls, caves and lakes’; and the feature photo has grey rocks, green vegetation and yellow sunshine:

World Cup hideaways in Brazil

Ariau Amazon Towers is a tourist village housed in the jungle canopy, and features a great greenYgreying statue:

World Cup hideaways in Brazil

Foz do Iguaçu waterfall is one of the seven new wonders of the natural world, and mixes lots of green vegetation with rocks and water that look grey at times, and sunshine and rainbows that provide the yellow for a great greenYgrey effect:

World Cup hideaways in Brazil

The Pantanal wetlands is a wildlife paradise in the west of Brazil, featuring many animals that are iconic to South America, such as capybaras and coatis:

World Cup hideaways in Brazil



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