Monarch Butterlies Migration Mirror Poem

There are many amazing species in the world, but the greenYgrey isn’t one of them. The greenYgrey is the only one of its species it knows, so it doesn’t have any behavioural patterns to follow. Unlike the monarch butterfly, whose massive migration over several generations inspired Marc Latham’s latest mirror poem.

Monarch Butterflies and greenYgrey: a Comparison

After awakening with amnesia, the greenYgrey virtually travelled across North America (story told in How to Remember North America), Australia (story told in Werewolf of Oz) and it is now rambling east across Eurasia. Maybe it is amazing in a unique kind of way!?

In contrast to the greenYgrey, most species follow a regular annual pattern. One of the most amazing species migrations is the monarch butterfly, which has a mindboggling migration pattern each year. So Marc Latham wrote his new mirror poem about the monarch butterfly migration.

Monarch butterflies

Monarch Butterfly Migration

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, satirical comedy poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

To cut a long story short, as  Jill and Harold Draper do in an American Forests magazine article available on the American Forests website, several generations of monarch butterflies make the long journey north from Mexico or the southern U.S.A to northern U.S.A. or Canada each spring and summer, before a super generation feels the first cold of autumn/fall.

That super generation flies all the way south to Mexico, hibernates over the winter, and then starts the migratory journey north the next spring. All being well, it lays eggs before dying, and a few short generations continue the journey north over the summer, until another super generation turns around once they feel it’s too cold.

Mirror Poem about Monarch Butterfly Migration

I imported the mirror poem from the website straight off the production line, and here it is:

Monarch caterpillar on milkweed, their sole food source

Monarch Butterfly 4×4 Life Cycle

Canadian frost
tells me
I am the super generation
most northern flying
monarch butterfly
and it is time
to turn south
to start
the cycle again

egg, caterpillar and pupa; several generations live, shortly

coasting under clouds
I end
species journey north
directed by CRY light
one journey
thousands of miles
do I remember my ancestors
before I’m
Mexican first

Monarchs alight on the trunk of a tree.

Photos from American Forests website.

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