New Aberystwyth Hinterland Cultural History Travel Article

Aberystwyth from Constitution hill

Aberystwyth from Constitution hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A woman in a ruby dress sits upright amongst golden marsh reeds. Her red hair hangs past staring eyes to her arms. Her dead body is found by two boys walking a white horse. The wide expanse of marshland is framed by grey mountains and blue sky.

Hinterland/Y Gwyll was a good detective series continuing the popular trend in books and visual media inspired by the success of Nordic Noir. A new article uses the programme as the framework for a culture history travel article about Aberystwyth, which is at the heart of Hinterland‘s setting on the west coast of mid-Wales.

Travel History Hinterland Culture Article

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel writer correspondent at the greenYgrey.

Yes, Marc Latham’s latest article is published on TravelThruHistory, mixing up Hinterland storylines, Welsh history and culture, Aberystwyth attractions and experiencing the coastal town during Cyclone Dirk’s big waves.

From Stone Age flint-knapping finds to Lord Beeching closing down the railway line linking mid and south Wales in the 1960s the article provides a sensational short guide to Ceredigion‘s unofficial capital, and also mentions a couple of its legends: the Welsh Atlantis and Devil’s Bridge.



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