City Skyscraper Forests and Farms

I’m not sure whether trees and big plants on skyscrapers and other city buildings is a good idea or not, and a gimmick or real help to cities and the environment. Some people claim it won’t work or make much difference, but others hope it will help to clean city smog.

Skyscraper Forests

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, head honcho of Greenygrey Creation in the absence of the A.W.O.L Andy Wolfhol.

Whether plants and trees on skyscrapers do any good in cleaning the air, they may remind city populations of the benefits of greenery, and help to preserve or grow forests on the ground. Moreover, they create great greenygrey images!:

Italy Vertical Forests

India Skyscraper

The Grove Towers project

The Grove Towers project (© 3XN)

China Farmscrapers

"Farmscrapers" could turn future cities green

Close-up of a farmscraper (Image courtesy Vincent Callebaut Architects)

South Korea Skyfarm

The Urban Skyfarm (© A' Design Award)

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