Dandelion Named as World Flower

Many countries, states and counties in the human world have a symbolic flower. With the loss of our PR guru this week, the Greenygrey world has decided to bring in a werewolf flower instead of a werewolf human. We have chosen Dandey Werewolf, which is known in the human world as the dandelion.

Dandelion Great for Greenygrey Rebranding 

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth. We were first alerted to dandelions by the greenYgrey rebranding and dandelions being the most common yellow flower around.

English: dandelion and bee

English: dandelion and bee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we looked them up, we first realised that they are also a grey flower we thought was another totally different flower until then.

English: Dandelion clock (Taraxacum officinale...

English: Dandelion clock (Taraxacum officinale) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

Mirror Poem with Dandelion Centre

Our decision to bring Dandey Werewolf on to the Greenygrey team was a doneydeal fait accompli once we read Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem with the middle folding line: do the dandelions dance, like leopards in love. 

Dandelion seeds being dispersed by an air current

Dandelion seeds being dispersed by an air current (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dandelions are also like wolves of the flower world living alongside humanity. They are just as nice and beautiful as many domesticated flowers, as wolves are to pets, but because they live wild beyond human control they are also considered a weed by some gardeners, as wolves are considered a pest by some farmers and ranchers.

Admittedly, but also in line with Greenygrey theory, dandelions are not the perfect flower in line with the greenYgrey branding. They seem to look either greenY or greengrey, but never greenYgrey at the same time. However, I think that’s in line with Greenygrey werewolfism.

P.S. I forgot to tell you that last week’s reflection 10 mirrored the Driving Through The Desert  Folding Mirror poem in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections.

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