Earth Day Celebrated in Paradoxical Greenygrey

It was Earth Day 2014 this week, on April 22nd, but there are celebrations and fundraising activities continuing throughout the year, as it is a neverending story.

For example, the Deepdale Outdoor and Wildlife festival in Norfolk, U.K. is on May 10th and 11th, and we particularly like their greenygrey winged welly logo.

Click here to return to the Homepage for Deepdale Backpackers & Camping

Earth Day 2014 Images

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf, nature correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by Chris Packham in the human world.

Earth Day 2014 was celebrated around the world, and the green emphasis created lots of great greenygrey images.

On the first article found via a Google search, Kristen Hare reporting for Poynter.orgthere were five photos that all contained varying degrees of greenygreyness.

The Greenygrey Paradox

The first one is probably the most classical greenygrey, and here it is:

Kashmiri women cleaning Dal Lake.

However, while the image is greenygrey gorgeous, the women are in fact cleaning the lake of green weeds, which can clog the lake, and affect its health.

While that natural world image captures the removal of green, cities around the world were celebrating Earth Day 2014 by going green.

That was captured in the second photo on the Poynter website, which showed the Apple logo going partially green in Beijing:

I hope you all enjoyed Earth Day, and all the continuing activities to celebrate the concept.


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