Nature Photos and Images from Google+

As yesterday’s XaW Files had mostly animals and birds, and some natural environment, today’s fourth batch of five files focuses on the Natural Environment. This of course provides bird and animal life a home.

There are  some animals and birds in the photos; or just birds and butterfly to be exact; although one mountain looks like an elephant, as the Greenygrey often looks like a wolf.

Nature Photos and Images

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Today’s XaW Files contain lots of nature photos from the Googlesphere with one thing in common; well, there may be more than one, but I’ve only looked for one; and that’s that they are all greenygrey.

The captions contain the names of those who posted them on Google+.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the fifth and final batch of the XaW Files.

Bernd. F on Google+

Rupert Kogler on Google+

Justin Matthew on Google+

John Brody on Google+

dimka angelova on Google+

Raven Partida on Google+

Dalibor Pačić on Google+

Stefanie Schächtel on Google+

Maşuğa Rabıta on Google+

Caro X on Google+

delano lex on Google+

Philippe Avenel on Google+

Emma Maxwell on Google+

Dubie Bacino on Google+

Helen Nikola on Google+

Caro X

nimish raiyani

Just Relax…


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