Working Class Academic and Endurance Acheivement

A travel and poetry double for our ol’ pal Marc Latham lured me back off the road this morning. Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travel and poetic writing correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by Jack Kerouac.

Everest Views on travel25years Blog

Marc Latham’s blog has reached Gokyo Ri (5,357 metres, 17,575 ft) for spectacular views of Mount Everest: the world’s highest point.

There are also great views of turquoise  lakes and other high peaks, with fourth highest mountain Lhotse just below Everest.

Inspiration Blog Award for fmpoetry

It was quite fitting, although in a Folding Mirror-style topsy-turvy way, that Marc’s blog was awarded a Very Inspiring Blogger Award at around the same time by the blog.


At the Greenygrey we think that if we provide some inspiration that’s great, but we’re not here to try and convert cynics!

If we want to inspire anything it’s independent thought, so you inspire yourself!!

Blowing Your Own Trumpet 

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Some people might think it’s common to blow your own trumpet, but they’ve usually got enough money, agents or expensive PR companies doing it for them.

We’d rather have some humans blowing our trumpet, so we could concentrate on writing, but as things are, we’re having to do it ourselves.

Working Class Can Achieve 

While Britain seems to be returning more and more to the old class divided colonial empire days, only now concentrated within the island, with the old boys club and their supporters dominating positions of power, and a big low-wages workforce, Marc Latham has shown that working class people can also succeed academically and in endurance events.

Nepal 113

He doesn’t think he’s therefore better than the upper classes, just that he’s not inherently inferior.

While most upper class people are nice in their own way, and some are truly egalitarian, others (traditional and financial) would rather suppress the fact that the working class can achieve in traditionally upper class pursuits, as it goes against their very real class and gender based superiority complexes, and image of a new Britain engineered for the global marketplace.

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