Mirror Poems on Mind and Society

Modern media and technology allows more chance of the truth emerging, but also means there are more lies and misinformation flying around. Humanity builds a world view from childhood; most news is absorbed to fit into that schema.

Social Mind Poems 

Wordsworth on Helvellyn

Wordsworth on Helvellyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth and wolves.

I’m introducing the latest two Marc Latham poems from the fmpoetry.wordpress.com website that haven’t been imported into the Greenygrey world. They were divided on fmpoetry by a Valentine poem introduced into the Greenygrey world last week by my good friend, Love the mixed-up vole.

Contrary to rumours circulating in the Greenygrey world, I am not in love with vole. I am in in.

Post-Modern Thinking Process 

Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marc Latham grew up in a cold war world divided between left and right. Labour gave him the politics he liked, while the Daily Mirror gave him the news he wanted.

The cold war seemed to end in the 1980s and Labour became New Labour in the 1990s.

While the Mirror is a good paper, it’s not the tome of truth Marc once thought it was. It was of course owned by Robert Maxwell for a while, who turned out to be a big crook; was edited by Piers Morgan, and  was allegedly illegally hacking as much as other newspapers.

Modern Media Culture 

post-modεrn dεspεratεly joyful spıral . .

post-modεrn dεspεratεly joyful spıral . . (Photo credit: jef safi ‘pictosophizing)

Marc Latham still values politics and the media, but doesn’t follow them as he did in the past. That’s partly because they are no longer as they were in the past, in what is usually called the post-modern world.

Marc specialised his research on information providers and the media. While he thinks it’s good that there’s more diverse information in the public sphere now, he thinks a lot of it is lost in all the twittle-twattle that dwarfs it, and that most people still believe or reject information based on their cultural schemas.

Some of the false information is created and circled consciously, while other stories are because of a lack of research by the provider, or time to absorb the news by the consumer, in the desire for the the lead in breaking 24-hours news… Wolf’s Blitzer and Whitzer are notable exceptions.

Mirror Poems 

Anyway, enough rambling for one day, here’s the Folding Mirror poems. The second poem is followed by the free-thinking poem that preceded it.

Both poems are followed by information on recent Horizon documentaries about how the mind works, only available in the U.K. as far as known.

There’s lots more information and some images on fmpoetry.wordpress.com

Anagram Ocean Inspiration, Navigating Uncharted Metaphor

slie esil
lies are not an isle
jutting up jealously
sticking out
high above surface

stormy poisoned seas, dragging sailors down

tattered tugboats try
staying together
seeing out storm
truth usually sails against wind
often sinking

Folding Mirror Finished, Normal Service Resumed 

idea inspires research
on multiple sources
imagining whole shape
analysis upon analysis
accurately quantified
folding mirror line
happens about now

with two clauses, divided by comma

then poem continues
in bottom half
same amount
words to line
remembering upper semi
reflecting both sides
until form accompli

Original Poem

judgements are based
on the past
anticipating the future
analysis upon analysis
accurately quantified
the folding mirror line
should happen about now
with two clauses, divided by comma
the same amount of words
twist of the mind
poem continues
line after line
without a fold
mirroring two sides
until creation ends

The BBC‘s Horizon documentary, available until March 5th, this week featured research on the decision-making process. Last week it also focused on the mind, and the power of the placebo effect, available until March 3rd.

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