Land Rover and Unilever Go Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill with a round up of the best in greenygrey television… adverts!

Land Rover UK Advert 

After the Lloyd’s Bank logo went greenygrey last year Land Rover UK has jumped on the greenygrey bandwagon this year with its hibernot advertising campaign.

It even has an Enjoy this grey and pleasant land strapline. While we applaud their humour and honesty, we think there has been a ghastly grey-green imbalance this winter in the U.K.

Land Rover UK probably didn’t foresee the terrible situation affecting many parts of the U.K. due to too much grey and too little green.

Unilever Advert 

Britain isn’t always so grey, with many sunny pleasant days. The majority do seem to be grey though.

On a brighter note, Unilever’s compressed deodorants advert has also got quite a greenygrey theme, as shown in its advert available on YouTube.

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