Mirror Poem Inspired by Asthma on Everest Trek

The  Gokyo village base for the third of the Endeavour: Everest trilogy of old documentaries shown on the BBC this week, about the first balloon flight over Everest, was the destination for our ol’ pal Marc Latham’s 2009 trek to Gokyo Ri (5,357 m, 17,575 ft above sea level) for surreal Everest views.

Everest Inspired Mirror Poem 

Nepal 113

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetic travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. The documentaries are available to watch on BBC Online until 22.44 GMT on Monday (unfortunately only in the U.K. I think).

Marc had written a poem about the trek and more recent thoughts, after having some asthmatic wheezes in November, four years after he last took his asthma inhaler early on that Nepal trek.

Here’s the poem published on fmpoetry. There’s more photos of his Gokyo trek on  Google+

Asthmatic Achievement, Mountain Magnificence

stand tall
breathe deep
scan 360 horizon
gorge fresh clear air
savour accomplishment
feeling gratitude to be alive
I thought A day I’ll never forget

after climbing Gokyo Ri, Mount Everest shouted loudly

It thundered I’m the highest of all
I heard my climbers exclaim
proudest achievement
for me and them
steep 90 angle
we celebrate
our nature


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