Peacock Colours Creation Display, Mirror Poem Science Matter

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travelling poet werewolf in the style of Jack Kerouac in the human world. I’d almost forgotten about our ol’ pal Marc Latham, but then I saw a photo of a greenygrey peacock; the first time I’d noticed its greenygreyness; and it was by Marc Latham on his website. He’s now blogging his time in Faro, Portugal.

Then I saw that he’s also posted another mirror poem on the he administrates. So I thought I’d import them both into the Greengrey world… and here they are…

All of Creation in a Peacock 

Being a plumage poet for a minute, I think the greenygrey design behind the peacock’s head looks like forested mountains, with lots of green decorating a mountain shaped ^^^ design.

The outer plumage could be the sky, the tail feathers the universe, and then there’s a greenygrey parallel universe behind the peacock.

summer 2011 041

Mirror Poem about Search for Matter

All of creation in a peacock leads nicely into this search for matter poem, with more explanation and photos over on the fmpoetry website.

Not Everything Matters, All is Matter

why does nothing seem to matter?
what’s the matter?
what’s the matter with you?
what’s the matter in you?
what’s the matter around you?
what’s the matter you can’t see?
what’s the matter you can’t feel?

normal matter only 4.9%, 95.1% still a mystery
something’s sticking universe, scientists conducting experiments
it interacts with gravity, but not with electromagneticity

weakly interacting massive particles offer hope
WIMPs matter because they impact atoms
theoretically energising nudged atom nucleus
flash photon and electrons release
creates detectable light for machines
hoping to identify
if anything beyond us really matters

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