Vote Wolf Documentary Broadcast by CNN

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid newshound at Greenygrey News (GGN). My human inspiration was of course Wolf Blitzer of CNN fame. Now, I’m hoping to cross the virtual/real divide by reporting a news story breaking on CNN.

Vote for Wolf Documentary CNN Screening A tribute to beautiful Blondie

The ULF : Ultimii Lupi Forestieri wildlife and environment group on Facebook alerted me to a documentary that you can help get screened on CNN by voting/commenting on the CNN iReport page.

While you might not be able to see it, as I won’t, I think it’s important for wolf conservation to show wolves in their true selves. As Marc Latham commented on the site:

‘I think this is a wonderful heartwarming story, if ultimately tragic.

I think CNN should show it, to help show wolves in their true light, as original dogs; with all the warmth, love and intelligence we see in the dogs we share our lives with all the time.

Wolves are an important symbol of the U.S.A., and giving them respect in the media and on the land, will be a good advert for the country.’

Jim Brandenburg‘s Wolf Documentary

You’ll need to register on the CNN site, but it’s a quick process. Here’s the ULF information followed by information about the documentary:

URGENT!!! CALL TO ACTION!!! CNN WANTS YOUR VOTE! SHOULD THEY AIR THIS AWESOME WOLF STORY? click on “this story belongs on CNN” with the green button AND COMMENT SHARE WIDELY ASAP! THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!!! Very Limited amount of time! They will run this story IF it gets many Votes/Comments Quickly i think they only give a very short time for input!!! HELP SAVE OUR WOLVES , they picked this story out of all of them! VOTE COMMENT HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Brandenburg was a National Geographic environmental photographer for over 30 years, and a photojournalist for 10 years. A beloved subject of his was Blondie, a research collared grey wolf of Minnesota, killed in November of 2012. This is a common tragedy to wildlife lovers, environmentalists and research biologists who have come to love these wolves only to see them poached through unreported kills (Shoot Shovel and Shut Up) and otherwise killed in extremely brutal manners.

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