Photos of Wolves Wind Up Wolf Awareness Week

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, creative head honcho of Greenygrey Creation in the absence of the legendary Andy Wolfhol. We’ve seen so many more great greenygrey wolf photos over the weekend that we thought we’d pass them on to you here.

Wolf Awareness Week Photos

It seems a fitting way to end Wolf Awareness Week, and we hope you’ll continue being wolf aware in the future… aware that there is nothing as precious as beautiful life, and nothing as beautiful as precious life… kind of what J.R.R. Tolkien was saying in Lord of the Rings I guess.

That’s NOT being anti-ring, and therefore anti-engagement/wedding, and therefore against the traditional way for people to show their love to one another, therefore anti-love, therefore a people-hating werewolf, therefore all wolves should be killed to punish those who value wolves above human love…

Love people, love wolves…

Wolf Photos


Photo: "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."<br /> --John Muir

Photo: Parents spend a lot of time with their little ones, strengthening family ties and teaching much needed skills.  There is also, it seems, continuous play - so when it comes time to rest, pups curl up next to their mothers and thoroughly enjoy the closeness.

Photo: GOOD NEWS!Due to the govt. shutdown & subsequent cancellation of two USFWS public hearings, it appears that the deadline for public comments on Mexican wolf rule changes and the nationwide delisting plan will have to be extended! "Fish and Wildlife’s proposals remain in the public comment stage, which will most likely have to be extended past the Oct. 28 deadline in order to schedule and conduct the public hearings, said Tom Buckley, Albuquerque-based spokesman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."More: tuned for a new deadline date and info re: rescheduled hearings.  In the meantime, if you haven't already, please comment today:• Voice your opposition to the Nationwide Delisting proposal• Tell USFWS that Mexican Wolves are essential

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