Wolf Hybrid Photos from Inspirational Meeting

Wolf Awareness Week (WAW) is drawing to a close, so we thought we’d go out with a howl rather than a whimper. This image of our ol’ pal Marc Latham meeting a wolf hybrid in Ohio, 1994 has been on the Greenygrey website front page since it formed in the human virtual world in 2008.









We asked Marc about how he feels about it now, and he said: ‘Everybody’s different, but for me, meeting this wolf was more spiritual and rewarding than anything geographical or man-made.’

Wolf Meeting Inspiration

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. One field of Greenygrey creation myth theology believes that the Greenygrey was created from  this meeting of man and wolf.

There is certainly enough greenygrey in the images to argue of a Greenygrey Big Bang, that settled and formed into the Greenygrey website fourteen years later.

This would be a similar process to the one our universe is supposed to have undertaken over 13 billion years, and Folding Mirror poems take from idea and words to structured poem.

Until now, only the photograph above has been published. But now, inspired by WAW, a day after Marc was also inspired to become a member of Defenders of Wildlife, here’s the the other seven photos from when Marc met a wolf hybrid; a meeting that consolidated Marc’s reverence for the original form of his favourite animal, dog.

wolf wolf 001 wolf 002 wolf 003 wolf 004 wolf 005 wolf 006

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