Woman – Plant Art, Wolf Bear Impression, Sumutran Rhino Film

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, head honcho at Greenygrey Creation in the absence of the still A.W.O.L Andy Wolfhol. Today I’ve got a selection of great and funny new greenygrey images from around the world wide web, combining woman and plant; wolf and grass; and Sumatran rhino with forest.

Κατερινα Τσουρεκη Logo

I have to start with this Κατερινα Τσουρεκη logo, which captures the essence of Greenygrey about as closely as possible in the human-plant world. We would of course add a wolf.


Κατερινα Τσουρεκη

Wolf Does Bear Impression

Talking of wolves, we love this photo of a multitasking wolf doing a bear impression while also creating a great greenygrey image:

You want the bear again?

Sumatran Rhino Discovered Greenygreying

Some art is created, while others is found. While painting needs creation, photography and filming often only needs observation. For this great greenygrey film of a Sumatran rhino being found alive and healthy, it only needed a well placed camera:

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