Poetry, after Selfie Twerks Omit GG from Oxford Dictionary

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey, with my closest human parallel the Romantic era poet William Wordsworth. I was disappointed that the day the world commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Washington I have a dream speech that the Oxford Online Dictionary didn’t fulfill our dream by including greenygrey in it. Instead we had twerking selfie!

No Place in Dictionary, On With the Poetry Scandinavia 343

However, Marc Latham made up for the disappointment somewhat, by posting a new Folding Mirror poem. It’s about his travels through Norway, which is very proud of its natural beauty, and strong on environmentalism.

Marc Latham’s previous mirror poem was about the seasons, so it also fits nicely into environmental week at the Greenygrey.

Handover of a book produced by the UK's school...

Book containing 2000 letters, poems and drawings for the WWF Earth Hour.

In the style of WWF’s Earth Hour we’re having a lights out day at the Greenygrey tomorrow, so we won’t be posting anything, and hope you have a nice time doing other stuff.

Here’s the poems imported from the fmpoetry.wordpress.com website:



Highest Railway Line, A Beautiful Time

Riding fjord mountain roads
ferry keeps afloat
travelling Haugesund
to Bergen
by bus and boat.

Ruby Sunday snaking
east with Osteroy
across water
to north
Dale, Voss and Naeroy

lead to Flam – Myrdal, metres 1222 ascent at Finse

Orteren, Ustevatn and Rodungen
looking south
over snow
swallowed wide open
Hardangervidda plateau mouth

Forest and lake scenery
to Oslo
through Honefoss
waterfalls accompany descent
completing la vida loco.

Good Summer Season, Warmly Welcomes Autumn

summer meets autumn
after year apart
shaking windy branches
upturned leaves smile
exchanging colours
under changeable skies

warm greeting over, time for disclosure

my best season
summer beams
for many years
autumn changes mood
I worked overtime
winter was late

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