Mirror Poetry Collection Available on Multiple Ereaders

Marc Latham’s 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections is now available for lots more ereaders via Smashwords. We’ve made it the same price as it’s available on Amazon Kindle. It was exclusively available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook due it being in the Select programme, but now it has been removed from the Select programme.


We could make out its some noble anti-Amazon gesture, but it’s not, although we do believe that Amazon should pay its fair share. It’s mainly just to make the book available on more ereaders, so you can buy, read and keep it if you want. And we’ll be chuffed that you have.

Werewolf of Oz will follow later this month.

We plan to blog some mirror poems and reflections from 242 next year, like we’ve been doing with chapters of Werewolf of Oz this year, but don’t plan on doing anything with the 242 poems this year on the blog.

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