Syrian War is Latest Middle-East Monotheistic Mistake

Thanks to Marcia Stone for yesterday’s interview. She seems a great journalist, with a real desire to find knowledge and relay the best new research  to her readers. Her contribution to this blog ended yesterday, and all the following views are those of Marc Latham.

This blog is inspired by Marc’s belief that if the world is ever to see real peace and cooperation it has to rise above the tribal monotheism, and the false realities they espouse; telling their believers of humanity’s dominion over other life forms, including other humans. Humanity needs to look at the  big picture, from our real origins within the natural world, through the evolution of our settlements to modern culture.

Humanity is Just One Life Form 

English: A giant anthill in Zambia (in Africa)...

English: A giant anthill in Zambia (in Africa). It has been built entirely termites. Part of the hill has been dug away to make bricks (clay from an ant hill makes great bricks) and monsoon rains have washed a small amount of the clay off too. The land around the anthill has been cleared but the anthills were left because they are hard to remove. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Marcia made clear in her interview, humanity is just one type of intelligent life form sharing our planet. Marc Latham had thought he was clever comparing humanity with ants, but the truth is even more remarkable.

To find the truth about humanity you have to go even smaller than ants, and even further back than dinosaurs. Life on Planet Earth has been developing for billions of years, and has complexity down to the smallest examples.

While the main communities we see around us are our own, there are also other massive intricate complex communities on our planet. Some are underground, while others are living within us and other life.

How Modern Society Developed 

From living at one with nature as small tribes of nomadic hunter-gatherers, humanity began to settle as farming communities after the last ice age: about 12,000 years ago.

Ants and other life had been living in complex communities for a long time before that.

Some orthodox Jews still preach that the living world began 5,000 years ago.

KDE brand map: description of the new KDE bran...

KDE brand map: description of the new KDE brands after the re-branding effort. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As humanity settled they began creating and naming things: that’s where religious names like Christianity, country names like France, city names like Rome, sporting names (now ‘brands’) like Bayern Munich, product names (now ‘brands’) like McDonald’s and fantastic writing sites like Greenygrey have their origins.

How Abrahamic Monotheism Changed the World to Mankind 

While Buddhism and Paganism stressed the value of humanity sharing the world with its fellow life,  just over 2000 years ago Abrahamic monotheism emerged in the Middle-East, stressing mankind’s dominion over the world.

English: Regions Caesar never knew thy posteri...

Boadicea statue, (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

After killing the Jewish rebel Jesus Christ with their Jewish allies, the Romans spread the Christian religion throughout their empire, including Britain; doing a lot more killing while being Christian.

About 500 years after Christianity, Arabs wrote their own version of monotheism, calling it Islam. They then invaded Africa, Asia and Europe, and had some success before heavy defeats by France and the Mongols. They were pushed out of Spain, but still retain a lot of the conquered land: that is why there are still Islamic states in Africa and Asia.

A millenium later, Europe exported Christianity to the Americas, Africa and Asia, creating a lot of trouble and quite a few atrocities.

That is why the modern world is mostly monotheistic… and mostly still at war.

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