Brave Citizens in Britain Try and Help Soldier

No joking around again today, as for the second time in a week Islamists have hit the headlines for attacking British people. Earlier in the week it was paedophile gangs grooming, raping and prostituting children, and yesterday a serving soldier was killed on the streets of London. They might not seem linked, but video of rape and executions are being used as an act of war around the world; to demoralise and break the spirit of the enemy. We, the British people, are the enemy to the Jihadis.

Ostrich Sheep not Lone Wolves

The Islamist attackers were described as possible ‘lone wolves’. As a wolf advocate I detest wolves being brought into the news message, and used to describe a couple of idiotic pleasure murderers.

What killing wolves do is almost always necessary, in order to survive; not for pleasure and to get your 15 minutes of fame (Andy Warhol).

If any animal metaphors should be used it should be ostrich sheep. That’s for the multicultural fascists who think they can pussyfoot around Islam and think religious fundamentalists who hate the West will then be good citizens; burying their heads in the sand, and still following Blair and Campbell’s multicultural nonsense.

Islam is Spreading Global War and Prejudice

I thought helping Muslims in Afghanistan and the Balkans, and seeing what happened afterwards, would have warned our brilliant leaders, but they’re still trying to create the ideal multicultural society, sacrificing the lives and safety of British people in the meantime.

If I agree with one thing the idiot was saying yesterday, but not in the way he said it, it was that our leaders don’t care about us.

Our leaders don’t seem to care about the ordinary British people who support Britain; they seem more worried about Britain’s Brand-UK image; some kind of capitalist non-identity mish-mash where people are more concerned about money than pride.

Brave people like those who tried to help the soldier yesterday, while people like Blair and Campbell were probably enjoying their luxury lifestyle; promoted by what they inflicted on Britain during their government; and what is still making Britain suffer today.

Failure to Counter the Jihadi Narrative

Last night on Newsnight there was a consensus among the guests that Britain and the West had failed to promote a world view to counter the Islamist propaganda.

That’s because academic departments like the ICS persecuted and isolated people like Marc Latham, who was trying to do just that.

Instead, they promoted people who wouldn’t even enter into a discussion criticising Islamism; people who boycott Israel while refusing to criticise anything Islamic.

People who ignore the Islamists colonising Africa and Asia, while obsessed with any Israeli military action in the Middle-East.

Stay Out of Syria

And now our leaders seem hungry to enter the Syrian war. My advice would be to stay well clear. Although it’s terrible that people are being killed and injured there, it’s not our battle or concern, any more than Burma or Somalia.

And the Jihadis and their British supporters; of all colours and races; will only blame us for it once we get involved and it starts dominating the news agenda even more.

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