New Metaphorical Mirror Poem about Class using Weather

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, new poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey. The humans among you might relate to me best by comparing me to my human parallel, the wonderful Romantic-era William Wordsworth. I’ve been hired after the Greenygrey noticed Baron Wolfman becoming a little stressed after his rapid rise to Head of Creations, while also trying to coordinate the search for Andy Wolfhol.

Poems Backlog at Folding Mirror Poetry 

Photograph of the gravestone of William Wordsw...

Wordsworth’s gravestone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Baron being too busy, and Jack Wolfpac’s workload increasing with Marc Latham’s new travel25years blog, meant the Greenygrey needed an experienced werewolf poet, and I certainly qualify on that account.

A backlog had built up on the website by the time I was hired, and had risen all the way to two when I got down to work.

But I found my paws soon enough, with the help of the Greenygrey team, and we’ve now imported both poems into the Greenygrey world.

Unfortunately, I’ve been wordying on about myself for so long we’ve only got time to publish the first one here now, but will bring you the second a.s.a.p. Here it is:

winter 2011 002

Essentially Water, Landing Dependent

Snow falls on high
icing the mountains
evaporated droplets
randomly settling
above the dividing line
of temperature

Thirty-two Fahrenheit, Zero-degrees Celsius

longer falling
drop below the cut
driving hard
almost invisible
washed down gutters
rain muddies the ground

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