Child-Grooming Documentary was Postponed in 2004

Yesterday I rant-blogged after the Oxford paedophile ring was exposed that I’d been aware of the mostly Muslim grooming gangs for about ten years, and thinking about it overnight, I think I know the exact date. It was when a documentary featuring grooming in Bradford and Keighley, near to where I was living, was postponed by Channel Four because it had been used for public relations propaganda by the British National Party (BNP).

My History Fighting Against Islamic Gender Apartheid

In 2004 I’d been campaigning for the freedom of Islamic women for about four years as Mr. Doctor. Having started my PhD in Communications Studies, my moniker played on the fact that I was perhaps in the liminal stage between being a Mr and a Dr.

Thinking I could make a difference while practising my writing and computer skills, I campaigned for animal welfare (joining the Labour Animal Welfare Society [LAWS]), and against the Taliban, which I saw as the worst example of humanity in the world at the time.

That was before 9/11, and I was calling for something to be done to remove the Taliban then, as I saw the treatment of women and other people in the country as disgusting; and yes, being an old socialist I was a bit peeved that the West had helped create that dystopia after funding the war against the Russians, who’d brought gender equality to the country.

I’m glad I didn’t make a difference, and it was 9/11 that inspired the West to act, after hundreds of soldiers have been killed in the country, while Islamic women in the U.K. have campaigned FOR Islamic women’s slave status.

Islam’s Continual Proselytizing

Watching the Big Questions a couple of weeks ago, about how women are treated by monotheistic religion, a woman said she had converted to Islam because she liked the tea-drinking socials they have!

So, when you hear that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.K. it is probably not because Allah has shown himself, or the Quran is that convincing, it’s because there’s a constant proselytizing and grooming going on. Not saying Islam is the only religion that does it, with Christian evangelists probably just as bad. And no, I’m not Jewish.

Edge of the City, 2004, Child Grooming in UK

Anyway, I digress, the main reason to blog today was to give a date when I became aware that Islam had imported its gender apartheid into the U.K. It was when the Edge of the City documentary was postponed because it featured mostly Asian white-child grooming.

There is a Guardian article about it, which focuses on the BNP angle more than the child grooming. And no, I’m not a BNP or English Defence League (EDL) member.

I do support them in trying to uncover and publicise the child grooming cases, and resisting the Islamisation of the U.K.; as I supported Ann Cryer, a Labour politician in Keighley who continually campaigned about the child grooming.

Liberal Elites Value Image More Than Chav Children

I think the child-grooming case highlights the liberal elite British attitude: that they find white nationalism more abhorrent and a bigger threat than Asians grooming, raping and prostituting white children.

And especially when it’s chav children; modern victims of Thatcher’s war against the working-class; growing up in communities devoid of work and opportunity.

It seems as if the liberal elite were willing to sacrifice hundreds of underclass ‘chav’ kids for the greater good of multiculturalism; to create a Brand-U.K. commonwealth microcosm.

The same as Thatcher was willing to sacrifice their jobs for the greater good of economy, as she saw it.

That is why most of the liberal elite have been in denial and covering it up for ten years, and why news presenters, journalists and social services workers still act with shock when each case is uncovered and revealed.

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