Mirror Poem Questions Personal, Social, Political Care

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, social conscience of the Greenygrey. As the life of my human parallel Che Guevara showed, it can be both rewarding and depressing to care; and can have positives and negatives. Marc Latham and the Western world have also experienced this, as Marc wrote about in last year’s Natural Disasters mirror poem.

Political Thinking: Keeping Everybody Happy

Marc’s key groups at the start of the Greenygrey website ingeniously tied in with WWW: women, wolves and working-class. As pandas are the umbrella group for the WWF conservation charity, women were the WWW umbrella group for humanity, wolves for animals and working-class for social equality.

Marc thought he was on to quite a safe bet supporting women, wildlife and social equality, but of course what’s positive for them is often negative for others; and that includes others in the WWW. For example, some women like to wear fur; some animals attack humans; and some working-class people depend on jobs threatened by wildlife conservation and environmental concerns.

So Marc found it not only difficult to support the WWWs against outside groups, but also to even keep the three umbrella Ws happy; making him more empathetic towards politicians!

And as Che found, dying almost alone in the Bolivian jungle, having tried to replicate the Cuban experience in a largely uninterested country, trying to do the right thing is not always appreciated. There’s more explanation and some cool images by Marc over at: fmpoetry.wordpress.com.

Green Rhombicosacron

Green Rhombicosacron (Photo credit: playful.geometer)

Lost in Care, Ignore the Repair 

I was so crazy
I cared
and what made
it even madder
was that it wasn’t
about myself
or personal things
it was just about our world
life that’s existed since before me
life born while I walked the Earth
life that will emerge when I’m gone

but there was no time for it, I had to wake up to survive

money is the energy fuelling the world
money makes one country richer than another
money was traded before my time
is neglecting duty a selfish act
hidden in delusion
escaping within
telling myself I’m special
beyond insane world
when I’m just
the only
mind I really know.

greener day

greener day (Photo credit: tonx)

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