New Mirror Poem Reflects Spring and Winter

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. I’ve been made temporary Head of Creation at the Greenygrey in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. I hope he’s off on a creative venture, and returns with lots of non-perishing genius ideas soon.

Mirror Us

Mirror Us (Photo credit: tomswift46 ( Hi Res Images for Sale))

New Mirror Poem

Like ships that pass in the night, or a multiple mirror reflection thingy, there was the first Marc Latham Folding Mirror poem published on the fmpoetry website for quite a while yesterday.

For those new to the site, or who’ve forgotten about Folding Mirror poetry, it’s a mirroring structured poetry form invented by Marc Latham and included in the definitive New Book of Poetry Forms by Professor Lewis Turco.

And without further ado,
as Wolfhol used to say to you,
here is a half of poetry times two… divided by a folding middle line:

Smell The Spring Flowers - Seasons  challenge

Waning Winter, Sensing Spring 

lawnmower alarms ears
grass awakens nose
buds open eyes
leaves raise hands
strawberries tang tongue

warm weather wins, cold climate collapses

hot toddies toast
gloves go underground
curtains for hibernation
logs burnt out
whistle ends season


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