Poem Musing about Artistic Mind Inspiration

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol. I couldn’t believe it this morning. I emerged from a moon cycle‘s worth of hard arting in my Werehouse, leaving Baron in charge, and he missed a new Marc Latham Folding Mirror poem mixing images and words, which is right up my street.

Warehouse – Werehouse Rebranding

Eagle-eyed elephant-memoried readers will have noticed that Baron also called my werehouse a warehouse in his humanity and nature art blog about the work of Igor Morski and Hua Tunan showcased on the eMORFES blog.

I think Baron has let becoming an advanced apprentice go to his head, although he has been doing some good work. I think he’s still a long way off becoming an alert advanced artist though, which is his next step up.

Musing: Poetic Mind Inspiration

Anyway, I digress, which I’m sure isn’t amusing for you. Talking of musing, Marc Latham’s newest published Folding Mirror poem is all about the mind receiving poetic inspiration, which is known in creative circles as being visited by the muse.

The poem is a fusion of images and words, which mirror each other to a certain extent. Poetic interpretations of images are called ekphrastic poems. It also structures the lines into two-by-two word-first-letter combinations, such as two Ts and two Cs in the first line, like there’s two Gs in the Greenygrey.

Anyway, I have digressed times two,
so without further ado,
here it is for you:

Imagination Inspires, Physical Produces




a wheelturned thoughts channel cascade

winged words fly free

dawning descending heating hand

fingers form inscribed ideas

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