Werewolf of Oz and 242 Mirror Poems in Book Form

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, literary critic at the Greenygrey. Exciting news from the human book world, as Marc Latham has self-published his Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps (Grey’s really) and 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections books in book-form on Amazon’s CreateSpace.







They are available in the CreateSpace store now (Werewolf page and 242 page), and will be in the Amazon store within a week. We’ll bring you more news as we get it. Any sales will be matched by donations to the Woodland Trust.  Prices have been kept to just above the minimums allowed.

Animal Intelligence and Foxy Fun

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Just a short post today, combining a promising scientific declaration that some animals should be treated as conscious and aware as humans with a video of two foxes that seems to verify it.

Anybody who has spent a lot of time with animals knows that they have all kinds of emotions and moods, good and bad, just like humans, although there are obviously different levels of intelligence and sentience amongst the animal species. Humanity is of course the top species overall, but other animals are better at some mental and moral tasks and skills.

Here’s a video of our foxy friends having fun:

Poem about Searching for Life, and Space of Dearth

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, creator extraordinaire at the Greenygrey. First of all a correction on yesterday’s blog. Our editor didn’t provide Michael Wolf with his correct title; Michael likes to be known as a were-the werewolf, rather than a weatherperson.

Exciting news from the world of poetry, as our favourite poet, Marc Latham, has just published a new Folding Mirror poem. So we imported it straight into the Greenygrey world for you to view. There’s more explanation from Marc on the fmpoetry site, but here’s the poem:

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap visible on the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Search and Destroy
digging the dearth on Mars
discovering minutest microbes,
exoplanets in the habitable zones
of faraway solar systems,
imagining angels above
waiting for sinning souls
ambitions of a species, degradation of our planet
centre stage the clowns
Jester’s acid tears,
melt the polar icecaps
creating new passages to pollute,
plundering nature’s riches
ignoring the beauty of Earth
Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet

Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New Cloud Formation Reminds us of the Good in Greenygrey:

Hi, it’s Michael Wolf, weatherperson at the Greenygrey. As Britain seems to be under one big cloud today, with the ubiquitous grey sky dominating the scenery if you forget to look down and include the green below; which, by the way, is now starting to become complemented by gorgeous autumn colours. Yes, Green is starting to unwind now, after a busy summer, and let others work with Grey for the next half-year.

Michael Fish presents a weather forecast in 1974.

Michael Fish presents a weather forecast in 1974. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Agitated Wave Cloud Formation

Some of you might be agitated now, if you’ve had to go out into the pouring rain, so we thought we’d cheer you up with news that there might be a new cloud formation on the horizon, which the Independent reports as the undulatus asperatus (agitated wave).

TheIndependent reports that the Cloud Appreciation Society has been working to get a cloud formation classed as the first new variety recognised since 1951, and the image of it from pretty Perthshire in the Independent and on the CAS website shows it is a magnificent example of how beautiful we think the Greenygrey can look in its best light:

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Greenygrey in Premier League sponsored by Pricey Ethical Supermarket

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, now fully recovered sports correspondent at the Greenygrey after the incredible summer of Olympic sport.

Greenygrey Goalie Kits in Premier League

Last season, Rob Green helped West Ham to promotion from the Championship to the Premiership wearing a glorious greenygrey goalie kit. Green moved on in the summer, and West Ham have changed strip, but the Greenygrey will play in the Premiership thanks to Reading FC, which has opted to kit out their goalies in this wonderful greenygrey combo this season:

It is fitting that they are sponsored by Waitrose, as the supermarket chain has a greenygrey colour combo logo layout design:

Disclaimer: The Greenygrey has received no payment for product placement by either Reading FC or Waitrose.

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Monotheist Meekatharra Madness Mitigated by Moby

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. The Australian weekend is well under way, and that means it’s time for another instalment of Oz’s favourite Great Novel comedy-fantasy travel quest, all in the best possible taste. Here you are then, you lucky possums. Not yet, Dame Edna!


I had just about absorbed all that information, when another human dropped from the sky in a Porcelain pod. I hoped it wasn’t more trouble; I’d had enough for one day!

Cover of "Everything Is Wrong"

Cover of Everything Is Wrong

The human burst out singing: ‘Hallelujah, I am Mildly Monotheistic Moby (MiMo Moby), and I’m Feeling So Real. I know Everything Was Wrong Here, but now that the Sky Has Broken and the Grey descended, the Monotonous Monotheists must Go, and matters return to magic for the meerkats of Meekatharra.’

When I heard him say Monotonous Monotheists in the plural my heart sank; either he’d messed up his lines or there was more than one.

Wizard of Oz First Witch Meeting Scene

It wasn’t long before my fears were realised. I heard a monotonous murmuring sound coming from somewhere, and it grew louder with every second. The meerkats dived for cover, and Bonzo covered his ears. When the orator came into view I saw it looked like the human I’d landed on. It approached us.

‘Ah, Monotonous Monotheist of the East (MoMo East), I thought you might arrive soon,’ said MiMo Moby.

So there was another one; my heart sank deeper than before. The meerkats were nowhere to be seen, and Bonzo belted out the blues.

‘Aah, hah,’ MoMo East ranted, ‘you might have stopped my Western twin from controlling your lives, but I am the stronger of the two, and I will wreak rampant revenge upon your sinning souls, just you wait and see, aah, hah!’

As it stopped cackling it sprang towards its twin’s head, but MiMo Moby somehow transported an emerald cork hat from the MoMo West’s head onto my bonce before the MoMo East could reach it.

MoMo East turned with a look of hellfire on its face.

English: View from the lookout at the town of ...

English: View from the lookout at the town of Meekatharra, Western Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MiMo Moby took no pity, shouting, ‘Go, you have no power in Meekatharra.’

MoMo East cackled out another rant and repeated the threat before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

Before also leaving, MiMo congratulated the meerkats on their liberation, and told Bonzo and me, ‘You have done a good deed here today, and should now follow the dust sandy path. The path will be difficult, and full of tests, but will ultimately lead you to the Great Dame of Oz. She should help you complete your epic rambling quest. Take great care of the hat, as it is very precious and has magical powers that will be useful on the dust sandy path. It must not fall into the wrong hands. Let it rest peacefully on your bonce, for there is more than you can imagine resting on it.’



Cork hats are traditional Aussie bush headgear.
bonce – slang for head.
Moby and songs: Porcelain, Hallelujah, Feeling So Real, Everything Is Wrong, Sky Has Broken, Go.
Wicked Witch of the East (character in Wizard of Oz).


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Evidence of Unconscious Telepathy or Selective Interpretation

Hi, there is no joking around on this blog. Although Marc Latham is a publicity-seeking writer, he is also trying to do it ‘ethically’ and for the benefit of life, humanity and society. He didn’t know any of the people involved in the Manchester shooting yesterday, and hadn’t heard of them either, although he thinks he remembers the earlier attacks Cregan was wanted for from the news. Marc feels different levels of sorrow for all those involved, and is writing this with respect for their family and friends.

He writes this because the incident and its links with Marc’s blog of the same time reminded him of earlier ‘telepathic’ experiences or ‘coincidences’ he’s had, and this time there is a level of hard proof provided by yesterday’s blog.

Nostradamus Interpretations to Derren Brown Svengali

While studying for his PhD, Marc thought he had premonitions about 9/11, as many people seem to have done. After warning of an attack on the UK, his viva (final oral exam) had to be postponed because his external examiner couldn’t depart London on the morning of 7/7/2005 due to the terrorist attack that happened that morning.

There have been other small ‘happenings’ or ‘coincidences’ since, but Marc has tried to put them down to the latter, inspired by the rationality of Derren Brown and others.

So the following evidence can probably be interpreted as being telepathic, like Nostradamus’s work has been by many scholars, or put down to an uncanny coincidence like Derren Brown probably would.

Marc doesn’t know which it is, and doesn’t think he ever will. While some of it seems convincing, he also thinks it might make him seem loopy as well. Maybe all his blogs could be linked with some event?

Blogging about Badgers and Building

On Monday September 17th, Marc had blogged about a planned badger cull and the government bribing people to not protest against destroying the green belt in Britain.

Sometime on the morning of Tuesday September 18th he had the idea of combining them into the headline/phrase Kill Build, inspired by the Kill Bill film. ‘The Bill‘ is also a fond nickname for the British police, epitomised by the television series of that name that ran for many years.

Marc’s Chrome web browser timeline shows Marc started blogging at 10.36 and the blog had been created by 11.03. The idea to include British Garden in the blog title came just before the blog was published.

Enlargeable Image:

Manchester Shootings
As the timeline list and photo from the BBC website below shows, after receiving a burglary call, the two police officers were sent to the location at 10.30am, and were attacked in the garden around 10.55. So they were travelling to the scene at the same time as Marc was writing the blog, and reached the garden at about the same time ‘British garden’ entered Marc’s mind for the blog title. You’ll have to take Marc’s word for the latter, but the timeline backs it up to a certain extent.
BBC Website: 18 September: Double killing

10:00 – Police receive a 999 call reporting a burglary at a home in the Mottram area of Manchester

10:30 – PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone are sent to investigate the report

10:55 – The officers arrive at Abbey Gardens. They are attacked with a gun and a grenade.

Derren Brown Svengali Debuts

At 9pm Derren Brown’s new Svengali series debuted on Channel 4, showing the magician doing lots more amazing tricks of the mind. But Marc didn’t watch it, as he was watching the Real Madrid v Manchester City football game.

At 10pm Marc heard about the Manchester shootings for the first time, when he watched the news after the football.

Today, Wednesday September 19th, Marc watched Derren Brown’s Svengali on 4oD (On Demand play-back), and Brown’s amazing performance of getting different memories and materials to come together into a mind-boggling whole reminded Marc of his blog the previous day, and how ‘Kill Build’ and ‘British Garden’ could be interpreted as being relevant to the Manchester shootings.

He then checked the times of his previous day’s blog and the shootings when he returned to the computer, and as shown above, found they were at the same time.

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