Sunday Followed by Sun Day in the U.S.A.

It’s a double Sunday for some parts of the U.S.A. in particular tomorrow with a full solar eclipse. I wish I could be there, but I’m still in space of course. The Sun has invited me over for the day in fact, having an excuse for some extra free time from helping create and preserve life on Earth. The moon is a great babysitter in this allegory, as most of humanity are sorry to see it leave, and be returned to their single androgynous parent.

Don’t Want Your Life and/or Wife

However, it does provide me with an opportunity to prove my critics wrong, as they’ll probably think I’m bitter and resentful about it, as they think I am about jobs and women they think they’ve stolen off me, or beat me to, when I never wanted them in the first place!

I would like to be at the eclipse totality, but still hope it’s great for the lucky humans who are there. This post is taking part in the amazing event, rather than trying to spoil it, as some people without a sense of humour seem to think parody is always negative. Like the Simpsons, most of the celebrities I’ve parodied are people I like.

Travelling to Solar Eclipse Totality

The geographical line of totality eclipse is already busy with people greenYgreying as they warm up for the main event:

Photos, stories and reports posted on Twitter reveal an eclipse traffic nightmare in Central and Eastern Oregon.  Photo: Twitter Screen Grab

Solar Eclipse Amazing 

If there is a god, or gods, solar eclipses are one of its greatest engineering feats, with the moon just the right size, and distance from the Earth, to obscure the sun from our view for a few minutes.

Pre-scientific-astronomy cultures used to create many stories to make sense of the phenomenon, but now we know how it works.

If you’re observing the eclipse, be careful how you view it, as the sun is like the invisible god of monotheism, which followed it, being both benevolent (warm life-giving and vitamin/minerals creating) and destructive (blinding and cancer-causing), and I hope you enjoy it, and have ideal weather conditions for the special sun day.

Here’s a self-parody selfie from my last visit to the sun, previously posted on accuweather:

smartphone camera

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Guns N’ Roses World Message

Be careful out there humans (paraphrasing Hill Street Blues), especially those of a greenYgreylien kind… be kind to those who deserve it, not those who demand it!

Being the coffilosopher who created greenYgreyology I love both the above comments, and think they are both correct and viable.
Having been a fan of Guns since the 1980s I think it’s great that they are doing as well as they are, with Axl and Slash playing together, as jmapelian writes.
However, as Ronin writes, they have become too much of a commercial band for most people’s liking – especially considering their original bad boys street rebels against capitalist exploitation image.
Like me, Guns are now middle-aged, and I think they probably think like me. We’ve taken our minds to the edge, as Van Halen sang in Runnin’ With The Devil, and once you know how far you can take it, and if you survive, then in the end you know you have to get out, as Duff, Slash and Steven’s autobiographies say; and as happened with the 1950s Beat and 1960s Hippy countercultures.
Then the rebellion/counterculture changes with the generations, starting for Guns and similar bands with Seattle Grunge killing most of them off.
Now the biggest global conflict seems to be between Western ‘capitalism’ and Islamist ‘religion’.
So, I’m not surprised if Guns are choosing to support Western ‘capitalism’, even if it’s not what they really want, but it’s the best option available.
Plus, records don’t make any money any more, because of freely available music; as is the case with writing for me.
So, c’est la vie mon Cherie
(paraphrasing Pepé Le Pew, Looney Tunes hero, and another thing I like and share about Guns; they’ve never taken themselves too seriously, even if some of their music has been seriously epic)
and try to accept it like me…
we’ve come a long long way (Fatboy Slim ‘Praise You’) from Paradise City…
together… and apart… but always somewhere in memory…
for this post has been an example of Guns-inspired coffilosophy!

Pepé Le Pew.svg


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Take an adventure into my succulent world! — iArtichokeu’s Book Reviews

Today I bring you onto my patio, with a small adventure viewing my succulents. I love these guys. With their magical colors and majestic shapes. It’s so fairy tale like. Almost not of our world, but they are. I have been growing these specific succulents for around 1-2 years. Succulents are so easy to take […]

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Team GB Inspired by Team GG Memory?

On Friday I blogged that Team GB seemed to be missing the friendly rivalry of Team GG, which was disbanded because of persecution by those who can’t process parody comedy… or accept it anyway… even when it’s positive for their demographic… such as athletes winning medals! Then on Saturday, it was another golden night for Team GB.

It was reminiscent of the G derby Glory days. I saw last night on Codes and Conspiracies that G is an important symbol for Freemasons. I’m not in that secret society, so it’s an alphabetical coincidence rather than one of the other Cs.

Saturday Night Deja Vu

I, the greenYgrey, am still in space by the way, but I hitched a lift on one of the Pleiades meteors on Saturday night, and was delighted to see clear skies over Blighty and its close relatives, looking something like this greenYgrey land scene I saw on MSN:

Slide 4 of 21: Nope, not the real United Kingdom.

In 2012 there was a golden night for Team GB with Ennis, Rutherford and Farah winning gold medals, and it turned out to be another magical night in 2017; except this time it was to a POP (PinkyOrangePurple) décor, mirroring the change in the greenYgrey world; I’m not a part of any conspiracy there either, and they copied me if anything, but I don’t know if they are a-were of me!

G Derby Memory

The night on the track started off with what would have been Team GG on top, as Pearson won the women’s 100 metres hurdles wearing the green and gold of Oz, where Grey solo travelled for the second of the greenYgrey rambles trilogy. Then Edris of Ethiopia took gold from Team GB’s Farah in the men’s 5000 metres wearing green and yellow.

Then in the 4×100 metres women’s race, Team U.S.A. took gold before Team GB and former stars of Team GG, Jamaica; who didn’t seem the same without Team GG!

The same had been true for Team GB, but in the men’s 4×100 metres they produced a scintillating display of speed and style to take gold in the third fastest time ever.

That unfortunately meant that Hero the Hedgehog was knocked out of the Team GB medals, but I know it’s PinkyOrangePurple and philosophical enough to bounce back!

Oops, I must have been inspired by Hero there, because I forgot my books! Fans of Hero will probably like my books, if they are old and intelligent (comedy intelligence) enough to understand the humour; as I’m not trained in some fields enough to understand books, such as some sciences or occupations:

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Golden Night for Golden Women at London 2017 World Championships

After yesterday blogging that it was a shame Karsten Warholm wasn’t a woman who looked like Gemma Atkinson, there was an American dream 1-2 in the women’s 3000 metres steeplechase last night, as very golden Emma Coburn took gold, and quite golden Courtney Frerichs took silver.

Timing a Coincidence

Marc Latham of course did his third marathon in the U.S.A., but the Americans are always winning golds, so it’s stretching the legacy joke a bit thin to claim it’s his legacy. The timing was quite a coincidence though, and the greenYgrey had never heard of Coburn and Frerichs before.

Coburn knows all about the greenYgrey though, having already successfully gYgPOPed (greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple) in Rio 2016, the greenYgrey legacy games, after London 2012 was the greenYgrey games:

Image result for emma coburn photos

Dafne Schippers and Darya Klishina: Athletics and AAW

There were other excellent golden performances last night, as Dafne Schippers took gold in the 200 metres. Dutch Dafne (two words starting with D, noticing a bit of greenYgreyesque wordplay) has put athletics before AAWsomeness, but her natural beauty is still evident underneath her big muscles.

Maybe that’s why Darya Klishina only took silver in the long jump, as she almost perfectly combined AAWsomeness with athleticism, but perhaps had too much of the former.

Her forename is five-letters starting with a D gold though, creating a greenYgrey3 hat-trick with Dutch Dafne.

Loving and Liking Women

While the above is mostly meant in jest, it does hold clues to my taste in women, although I don’t expect any of the above women to care; but women whose types aren’t included above will probably care in a NEGATIVE way!

As the difference between me loving and liking female bodies can be thin margins, like winning gold and silver (not that I’m comparing my taste to world athletics medals!), it’s the same for women’s demeanours (not demonics!).

I liked Frerichs’s exasperated look at winning silver, similar to Munch and Warholm’s Scream…

Courtney Frerichs after racing to silver in the steeplechase at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

but loved the coolness of Coburn winning gold more…

Emma Coburn wins the 3000m steeplechase at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

Klishina seems to have a similar mature coolness. Schippers was also cool in victory, but in a done it all before way, which she has done of course.

Marie-Josée Ta Lou won silver in the 200 metres, just missing out on gold as she did in the 100 metres, and reacted in a golden personality way in both. Ta Lou’s double disappointment was really a three, as being from the Ivory Coast she would have qualified for Team GG too, if it hadn’t been disbanded.

Image result for ta lou images

I hope making the greenYgrey website is some consolation.

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Karsten Warholm Gold Medal Scream Celebration and Andy Warhol Coincidences

While Team GB seem to be missing the friendly rivalry of Team GG at the London world athletics championships, with Hero the Hedgehog the second most successful so far, although there have been some great gutsy performances by Team GB athletes, who have done their best against the top athletes in the world, and just losing out on medals is nothing to be ashamed about.

Karsten Warholm Gold Medal

As Ostapenko winning the French Open Ladies Title was called Latvia’s Latham Legacy, as she won it just over a year after Marc Latham finished his twelve-years marathon ambition, Karsten Warholm winning Norway’s first athletics gold at the World Championships or Olympics since Ingrid Kristiansen in 1987 could be called Norway’s Latham legacy.

Especially as Latham started his travels in 1987 and is now blogging them on travel25years (which is now 30!), and he first visited Norway to run the beautiful fjord-crossing and forestYmountains vistas Tromso Arctic Circle Midnight Sun Marathon in 2007.

Warholm Warhol Coincidences

Moreover, Warholm’s surname is Warhol with an m at the end, after the greenYgrey’s third book of the rambling by Google Maps trilogy was a travel quest to find our Andy Warhol, and featured a photo from Norway on the cover.

However, it would have been more apt if Norway’s gold had been won by a female, looking like Blighty’s very own Gemma Atkinson, here enjoying a spot of sunny greenYgreying in a photo from MSN (Chosen to try supporting Blighty’s women when they seem to be under severe attack, although they’ll probably attack me for featuring it!).

Modern Impressionist Art

But Warholm made up for it somewhat by pulling a great Scream face after winning, including a great blurry gYgPOP (greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple) background. I thought of the painting when I saw Warholm win, but didn’t know it was meant as an impression (modern art impressionism?) until researching it now:

Norway'a Karsten Warholm reacts after winning the Men's 400 Metres Hurdles final at the World Athletics Championships at London Stadium, in London on Wednesday

Karsten Warholm at POPtastic Olympic Stadium

Image result for

The Scream, an 1893 painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch

Although I was a little disappointed to not be the first to notice the similarity, I was pleased to also read that Andy Warhol actually did his own version of The Scream in 1984, and it was also very gYgPOPish:

Andy Warhol. The Scream (after Munch). 1984

I don’t know if Warholm knows of Warhol’s painting and if surname-wordplay played any part in the painting’s obvious importance to him, or if it was completely a salute to probably the most famous Norwegian painting.

Could this be Norway’s most famous photo; maybe one day, if you make it notable enough!…

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Scorpions Star Link Across Fact and Fiction Books Spanning Decade of Writing

What could be the gravity waves or space vibrations of the world wide web reached the greenYgrey were world from the Travel 25 Years rock planet, with a part of that year’s travels being referenced in my epic classic cross-genre convention-breaking XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. This episode shows some of the complexity and scope of the book, referencing the books that have emerged from the greenygrey stable in the last decade, from the first memoir The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller through to earlier parts of XaW Files.

This was also the episode where grey left, to Return to Oz, as Mulder left Scully near the end of the X-Files series, which provided XaW Files with its structure and theme, setting up the thrilling finale a couple of chapters later.

Image result for return to oz images

Chapter 7 Episode 16

As the third twilight of our three plus three debate lit the sky into the new POP art movement, making me want to Fly to the Rainbow on the Drifting Sun, an idea suddenly seemed to pop into Alexandra Popp’s head. It was the moment we’d been waiting for, the breakthrough that would provide direction, and hopefully lead me to my lost companions.

Image result for fly to the rainbow images

Popp Pops the Question

‘I was just thinking,’ said Alexandra, ‘that if you emerged in Wolfsburg from Wurzburg, and you’re a werewolf, maybe Love, Lovulus and Lovus led the others to Luxembourg, although I realise that the initial letter indicator doesn’t work precisely, what with it being your species in your case, and their names rather than species in the voles’ case? Moreover, after the first two letters sound like the first two letters of Love, the third and fourth letters are ex backwards, with that now being the prefix of your original and primary travel quest, the ex-Andy Wolfhol.’

‘Thanks Alexandra,’ I said. ‘Things don’t usually work to precision in the greenYgrey world, and at least you’ve given me an L of a lead to follow. Talking of going, I think I’d better get going, or I’ll be spending another episode in Germany.’

Wind of Change to Hannover

We bade farewell, and I thanked them for taking part in a lively debate, which maintained interest throughout its time, although I can only relay the highlights here.

Facing north, I looked left to Luxembourg before lurching in that direction; looking more like Lurch from the Addams Family than a greyhound lurcher I might add. That’s probably why I stepped on a Meine in Meine, although they are both quite small of course.

Thankfully I’m not talking about an exploding mine, although Klaus Meine does have a loud impressive vocal range. I had never heard of the village of Meine, in the district of Gifhorn, but thought I’d drop in, attracted by it having the same name as Klaus; and it turned out to be just as well I did, after the initial embarrassment.

Klaus was very understanding about it, and gave me a lift to Hannover, his home town, which was on my way west. He played the Scorpions’ Worldwide Live album on the way, which is one of my all-time favourites. I told him I’d referenced a couple of Scorpions songs in the opening paragraph, and he said that was a coincidence, because our drive reminded him of one in The Guns N’ Roses Worker Traveller.

I told him I’d been planning to fit the Scorpions in, but hadn’t expected so much Meine-ier (mania) earlier! The Scorpions showed me how the Hannover Big City Nights can Rock You Like a Hurricane, before I thanked them for the Hannover Holiday, and told them I had to set off on a Lovedrive to try and find Love and the others.

Bonn Wind of WoO x 2

As I had felt like Lurch earlier I called in at Munster. I also visited Hamm, as it reminded me of a television hamster named Hammy I knew when young; I thought it might have significance for my current search, which included lovely rodents.

The last big city
before Luxembourg was Bonn
so I thought I’d drop in
knowing I’d be a long time gone.

Little did I know
how nearly half true was the last line
of the above stanza
although I’m sure everything will turn out fine.

Return to Oz

When I heard a southern wind
I thought of the Mistral at first being the last
I’d encountered this trip
but this sounded from farther away but still at full blast.

I realised then it was Beethoven
welcoming me to Bonn with one of his WoOs,
mixed with Bonzo’s bagpipes,
from Grey’s WoO epic ramble trilogy 2’s.

There was something afoot in Oz
Bonzo was calling Grey to ramble down under again,
so like Mulder left X Files for the last two series,
my greenY told my grey in Bonn bon voyage auf wiedersehen.


Fly to the Rainbow, Drifting Sun, Big City Nights, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Holiday and Lovedrive.

Beethoven was born in Bonn and had untitled pieces now called WoO: Werke ohne Opuszahl (“Works without opus number”)

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